limelight // humperdincks

limelight // humperdincks

Struggling to remember the words to popular nursery rhymes, Sam Elliott, a designer from Perth, made them into art for her newborn daughter’s walls, and thus Humperdincks was born.

Her store has a range of giclée art prints for little ones and their parents, and grandparents in a quirky and zany style inspired by the world of her young daughter that is fun and colourful. Each print has been hand-drawn or painted with some digital illustration and colouring. Prints can also be personalised.

I want to educate and inspire. That is the simple reasoning behind my art. Nothing makes me happy like seeing my little girl pointing to her Twinkle, Twinkle picture, raising her arms in the air and twinkling those chubby fingers, encouraging me to join her in yet another rendition of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

Thanks Sam for sharing your work with me.

// Humperdincks on Etsy.

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