requiem for Google Reader


Google Reader officially gets turned off tomorrow, Monday, July 1.


I tried several other services when the news first broke but I kept coming back to old faithful. There was no better tool to read and organise your online reading.

I was with it until the end.

This weekend I officially transferred to feedly which as done an amazing job of filling the void. All my feeds, starred items and tags are now resting comfortably in their new home. I can’t tell you how this freed up my weekend. I thought I would be spending all my time right here going through and sorting it all out.

But nope, done. Thank you feedly.

And I’m not ashamed to tell you the idea of deserting Reader this weekend has left me almost teary, like losing an old friend.

Pathetic, I know, and certainly not the worst problem one can have this fine weekend.

So anyway, this is my official reminder to you that Google Reader is on the way out. Keep up with all the zesty goodness from Lime Lane in one of these ways:

  • RSS – you can still read all your favourite blogs using RSS, you just need a new RSS reader. Lime Lane feed is here
  • Email – get new posts emailed straight to your inbox every day by clicking here
  • Bloglovin – Made the switch to Bloglovin? We’re already there ~ head here
  • Feedly – has been a very popular replacement and it’s my pick [and not just because their icon is a lovely shade of green!]. You can add Lime Lane here
  • Twitter – I always sends posts out to Twitter each day so you can always keep up to date there. [Put your favourite blogs in a list]
  • Facebook – Love Facebook? Like the Lime Lane page and get the latest posts in your newsfeed.

Looking for more information and RSS alternatives. Try these links:

happy-retirement-gr And you can sign Google Reader’s retirement card here

lime link love // 25

lime link love // 25

  1. Lifehacker encourages your to learn a new creative skill this weekend
  2. Translation guide ~ What the British say and what they mean
  3. The Swiss managed to capture the super moon
  4. Pixar movies explained in charts
  5. Friends went here as part of an overseas trip and it was one of the most talked about spot ~ explore Burj Khalifa in Dubai with street view
  6. Dinner party conversation sorted. Study up on these common misconceptions  / via kottke
  7. This movie is on the kids to do list for the holidays ~ make minion treats with Living Locurto
  8. Eerily spot on ~ the secret language of birthdays

And busy Sydney at night.

Sydney by Night from Grant Willis (VK5GR)

calendar // july

new beginnings

Sunrise. Not a time of day this night owl sees that often.

Certainly not from a lookout on a cold, winter’s morn.

This is an example of just doing it. Deciding the night before to get up before dawn and drive to the hill overlooking the city to take photos, perhaps snap the fog [of which there was none], to capture a moment.

We saw kangaroos and an eagle, planes soar overhead and the sun rise.

Simple but exhilarating. Just get out and do it.

So really. July. The year is officially half over. The new financial year about to begin.

A new day, a new month and a new leaf.

I read recently that you don’t need a new year to make a start, you only need a Monday. Or perhaps a new month.

Well, July gives us both.

I’m thinking about making some changes around these parts, a bit of a rejuvenation, a bit of shake-up, a mid-year review.

I’m thinking about how apt this is to my life:

I’m thinking I should just do all those things I want to do. Just get out there.

What are you thinking about this month?


Download the July calendar here


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