lime link love // 27

lime link love // 27

  1. The story behind this beautiful chandelier tree
  2. Interesting ~ useless things you won’t find in the real world
  3. Not for me but the view looks stunning ~ Suspension bridge in the Alps
  4. I’ve been a long-time fan ~ the music studio of composer Hans Zimmer
  5. An interesting theory on the Pixar worlds
  6. Stunning ~ the suitcase house
  7. Russian spies now using typewriters ~ a market for typewriter ribbon manufacturers!
  8. My farmer’s market always has natives so bookmarking these tips for native floral arranging
  9. An interview with Louis Armstrong / via the loop

“You’ve got to be good or as bad as the devil. … Even if we had two, three days off I still had to blow that horn a few hours to keep up the chops.” – Louis Armstrong

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    • says

      Everything old is new again and you can’t beat the classics Melissa! It would be nice, for the ready supplies of film and ribbon alone!

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