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74 Lime Lane // October calendar

Don’t shoot the messenger but did you know it’s October tomorrow?

I don’t know if it’s the crazy weather or just the hectic pace of life but I feel like I lost September, which is a little sad as it’s one of my favourite months.

So I guess that makes October the new September, and hopefully Mother Nature gets the message and sends some more of those lovely sunny spring days our way!

  • So October, “octo” of course meaning eighth, is the 10th month in the calendar but sat at No. 8 in the old Roman calendar, hence its name.
  • In non-leap years, October starts on the same day as January, that makes it a perfect time for a new beginning, don’t you think?
  • October 2 is International Day of Non-Violence, commemorated on the birthday of Mohandas Gandhi
  • There is also World Animal Day on October 4 and in Britain, October celebrations also include Apple Day, as in the fruit. And United Nations Day, marking the anniversary of the Charter of the UN on October 24.
  • For all the philatelists, it’s National Stamp Collecting month.
  • And a cause dear to my own heart, October also marks Breast Cancer Awareness month. Do the check, ladies!
  • October’s birthstones are the pink tourmaline and the opal and its birth flower the calendula.

And a musical interlude. Eric Whitacre composed this modern concert band piece October.

74 Lime Lane // October calendar

Download the horizontal calendar here

74 Lime Lane // October calendar

Download the vertical calendar here



seeds // changes

seeds // changes

What has it been? A couple of months since I last did a shake-up here?

Actually I think it has been a lot longer which is why it must be time for another.

I’m yearning for different things, to shake up the editorial calendar I’ve said before I want to move away from, yearning for something new, a slightly different model.

A little spontaneity even.

Tsh from Simple Mom gave a talk at Problogger [which I’ve been listening to via the virtual pass ~ aff link] on Reinventing Yourself. It came at a perfect time for me, helped to clarify my thinking and plan for the way forward.

It’s spring, so it must be the time to open the curtains, throw open the windows and allow a refreshing breeze to blow through the place.

I’ve gone back to the last survey and taken some more hints from there, formulated some ideas based on the shift I feel happening in the online world and tried to draw on those vocations I use in the real world and my job.

The favourites will stay, other things might become more infrequent and some new, hopefully favourites, will pop up as well. I’ve made some minor changes to the site, mainly to the sidebar, a little shuffling of the knick-knacks really.

In all of it though,  I hope this will remain or become a space you find inspiration and ideas.

By jove, I think I’ve finally hit on the start of an elevator pitch!

Make sure to join me on Facebook or Twitter or even Google+ as well for more zesty goodness.

And feel free to drop me a line to share any thoughts, pet hates or anything on your mind!


snapshots // 11

Snapshots // September 29 ~ clouds

Can you believe another month has just whistled by?

And it is spring, I can tell by the amount of blooms in my camera roll, but Mother Nature is still blowing quite the cool breeze through our part of the world so it certainly doesn’t feel like we are almost in October.

Snapshots // September 29 ~ blush

Snapshots // September 29 ~ petal carpet

But it does mean a colourful week via my camera.

Snapshots // September 29 ~ clivias

Like these beautiful clivias we which saw this week, an amazing collection. I hope to show you more soon!

Snapshots // September 29 ~ making

It’s been a week of making, or preparing to, anyway. More on that to come, too.

Snapshots // September 29 ~ feast

And of course eating. I felt like Mexican so on my day off, whipped up a bit of a feast, which was gratefully received by the boys in the house, big and small.

Snapshots // September 29 ~ unboxing

On Saturday, I finally got to sit down and unbox my Impossible Project insta lab and try my first print. I will tell you more about it, too, in the days to come. But the packaging, beautiful!

Snapshots // September 29 ~ first insta lab print

My first print.

A new month also means a new list for Fat Mum Slim’s photo a day challenge. I’ve got the list saved in an album and thinking I might have another crack for October. How about you?


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