zesty finds // 43

zesty finds // 43

Mermaids, superheroes and letter writers. Crazy, zany fun ~ and an ear worm ~ in today’s round-up.

  1. One of my lovely bloggy friends Melissa has a new Etsy shop. Check it out here
  2. You can go your own way! Love this Wherever card at Holstee / via swiss miss
  3. We certainly are! Superheroes cushion at Urban Outfitters
  4. Kickstarter project wants to turn gifs into hands ~ Gifpop
  5. Pen the perfect letter with this prompt card at Present & Correct

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juicy stuff // last-minute halloween ideas

This post is brought to you by Milo and Healthy Bones Australia.

halloween afternoon tea

A few years back the doorbell rang on All Hallows’ Eve and a small group of trick and treaters stood at the door.

We were completely unprepared ~ this was Australia after all ~ and from memory we scrambled together a handful of leftover party bag lollies.

The following year we stocked up, and naturally the doorbell didn’t ring once.

Now this is a busy time for us as the eldest celebrates his birthday on All Saints Day (November 1)  so we are already in a bit of a party mood. But Halloween is a school night so there will no trick or treating for them this year.

The eldest is also a milk-hater. It’s genetic ~ I’m not a fan either. Neither of us will drink a straight-up glass of milk.  But we’re both a bit partial to Milo.

So when I was sent some party decorations and some spooky Milo recipes, I knew I had to give them a whirl.

With a little stirring and a little creativity, I’ve replaced the after-school Milo for the occasion with a few other themed treats instead.

Best part ~ these treats are easy, quick and a great source of calcium. Perfect for my non-milk drinker. And mango-lover. So double win!

Want to join us for a Halloween afternoon tea?

halloween afternoon tea halloween afternoon tea

What did we have? I made the Halloween Mango Smoothie with “Dirt” and the RIP Milo Custard

halloween afternoon tea

halloween afternoon tea

I also made ghost pancakes ~ choc-chips for eyes ~ and used up the arrowroot biscuits for some pumpkin biscuits. The old icing sugar and water icing with candy eyes and musk sticks for the stalks.

Osteoporosis Australia has a new prevention arm ~ Healthy Bones Australia ~ which  is using the connection between skeletons and Halloween and the marking of World Osteoporosis Day on October 20 to remind people of the importance of bone health.

More than one-third of Australians suffer from poor bone health. Calcium, exercise and sunshine are all part of looking after your bones. Family history can also play a part in your bone density. My grandmother had osteoporosis which makes me extra careful.

Some last-minute Halloween tips and tricks:

  • Don’t want to give out “candy”? Try glowsticks or some other trinkets.
  • Glowsticks also make great “eyes in the bushes”. Cut eyes out of toilet rolls, add a glowstick and hide in the bushes. Get more decoration ideas here.
  • Trick or treating isn’t overly popular Down Under. But if you’re smalls are keen, letterbox the neighbourhood to let them know and ask people to leave their light on outside if they are happy to be visited.
  • No time to carve a pumpkin? Take to it with a black Sharpie or perhaps some washi tape instead.
  • And for more crafty ideas and printables, check out all my Halloween posts here and my Pinterest board here

Find more information and host your own Halloween Healthy Bones party here with decorations, recipes and more here. You can also win a Milo prize pack here

halloween afternoon tea

Happy Halloween!

Products were gifted to me in accordance with my disclosure policy

photo pulp // images of abandoned olympic sites in Sarajevo

Disused ski jump from Sarajevo Olympics from Reuters

A view of the disused ski jump from the Sarajevo 1984 Winter Olympics on Mount Igman, near Saravejo. Picture: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic

I spotted these while at work last night while perusing news from around the world ~ taken in by both the images and the story.

Photographer Dado Ruvic has captured the abandonment of some of the venues that once hosted the Winter Olympics in Sarajevo in 1984.

War and neglect have led to the decay of the sites, logos and reminders remain.

The capital of Bosnia made the former Yugoslavia the first communist country to host the Winter Games.


This is the site of Zetra hall, where Torvill and Dean skated to gold with a row of perfect sixes. It was destroyed by shelling and bombing in the war.

The bobsleigh and luge track later an artillery stronghold. Parts of the off-course skiing slopes are littered with landmines.

It’s a fascinating story.

I’m intrigued by the beauty in abandonment. Like this abandoned island in the middle of New York, the floating forest off Sydney, abandoned mansions, and abandoned places around the globe featured here and here.

You can see the full slideshow of Sarajevo images here

Images // Dado Ruvic for Reuterss

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