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Ever since I started making the videos, this snap-happy gal has been a little taken with the moving pictures.

It’s why Everlapse has piqued my interest again recently, after I first signed up when it came out originally.

This is a collection of our recent road trips, it includes all the Instagrams and a few other images pulled from my camera roll on my phone.

I’ve also made collections of spring blooms, of this month’s photo-a-day challenge. The beauty of Everlapse is you can add photos at different times or collaborate with others.

And the latest update means you can use a computer, or your collaborators,  to add photos, too.

Then Everlapse puts them all together in a flipbook format which you can share on social media or share on your blog.

You can get the Everlapse app here [sorry Android users, iPhone only]  and an account gives  you an online profile.

Your account can be linked to your Twitter profile and Everlapse syncs the users you’re following in Twitter, so your Twitter community comes along with you. They’ve just added Facebook login, too.

You can read more about how Everlapse works here // @74limelane on Everlapse

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