snapshots // 14

Snapshots // October 20 ~ watching

Well, I came undone this week with the snapping. I’m a couple of days behind in the photo-a-day challenge but I’ve now identified the problem. The more abstract prompts are my undoing. But I’m not giving up! I’ll get there eventually.

So the week started here, watching Bathurst. Yes, I’m a bit of a revhead, plus we had a mate who was racing.

Snapshots // October 20 ~ good mag day

These made their way into the trolley while grocery shopping.

Snapshots // October 20 ~ favourite space

And the rest of the week went like this ~ wishing I had more time here [my favourite space ~ right now at least]

Snapshots // October 20 ~ cocktail hour

Cocktail hour! Using up the rest of the limoncello ~ wouldn’t want it to go off!

Snapshots // October 20 ~ pink party

Tickled pink! A little pay it forward fun I had ~ more to come on that this week.

Snapshots // October 20 ~ what's left in the fridge salad

What’s left in the fridge salad ~ pretty and yummy!

Snapshots // October 20 ~ leafy

And spring has sprung ~ it’s leafy and green in the neighbourhood.

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    • says

      The palette was unintentional but altogether became a pretty spring burst!

      And don’t people surprise you Tasha! Would never have picked you for a rev-head!

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