lime link love // 47

lime link love // 47

Take a break from the Christmas crazy and take a trip around the world and space with this week’s lime link love!

  1. The amazing Crofthouse on the south coast of Victoria. Just stunning.
  2. Still in Australia, the Richards family of Canberra’s amazing Christmas light show, which raises tens of thousands of dollars for SIDS and Kids.
  3. Across to Antarctica, which looks huge from space
  4. Beautiful sculptural staircases
  5. Out of this world ~ the largest , most enduring storm in solar system, Jupiter’s Red Spot
  6. To Heathrow ~ high-wire walkers need to change the light bulbs
  7. Outside the box ~ the fascinating experiment that led to the phrase
  8. And for a laugh ~  31 gifs to make you laugh every time. The pug, the disgruntled dump truck and the smartest dog are my faves!
  9. And it’s December 1 tomorrow so it’s about time for the Christmas music. Although as long as it is as good as these. I love these guys!

friday freebies // 45

friday freebies // 45

Tis that time of year. Christmas trees will be popping up all over the world this weekend for those who favour the traditional timing of these things. December 1 or the closest weekend for me.

So once the tree is up, it’s time for the presents to start gathering under its branches. And that means wrapping.

Don’t be like me who one year was so caught up in the wrapping and didn’t tag any gifts, claiming I’d know what was what.

Except come Christmas Day, it was guessing game time.

So tag it and there’s no excuses not to with these lovelies just a click away.

// images from their respective sources

pretty pulp // in the company of clivias

You know how they say to go offline to find inspiration, well I can certainly recommend it.

Recently, I had the chance to peek into a wonderful collection. The lady who owns this collection is dedicated, generous and knowledgeable.

Listening to her talk about her collection ~ its history, the things she has done, the people she has met through it, the collaborations ~ was truly inspiring.

Now I could be talking about any collection but in this case I’m talking about plants, clivias and their stunning blooms.

This collection includes the rare and the fantastical.

A few photos wouldn’t do this collection justice and, because I’m always looking for video ideas, I put together a little video of it instead.

Sit back and breathe in the imaginary scent and be relaxed by these amazing flowers of similar shades but each one more individual than the last.

It’s like a mini inspiration meditation.




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