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Keep Calm and Have A Back-up

No prizes for guessing what kind of technical calamity might have befallen the Lime Lane household last week.

There’s still hope but we are in the serious, and expensive, round of recovery. Fingers crossed.

But while in the process of salvaging some client work this morning, I came across this site  where you can generate your own Keep Calm posters.

So it seemed timely to give you all a little reminder of the importance of backing-up. Everything. Your computer and don’t forget the photos on your phone.

There’s a host of options depending on what you have but you can try Dropbox, Google Drive attached to your gmail account and a back-up plan like Crashplan.

Yes, I do back-up, and have a host of drives around the place. But unfortunately this time it was the back-up that failed, a couple of months after the original failed.

I breathed a sigh of relief last time, this time, it was more a wail.

Back-up, back-up, back-up.

And cross your fingers for me.

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