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Camera sticky notes
Camera sticky notes ~ picked up at Officeworks.

So yeah, two days, nothing. I was here the whole time but things are a little crazy in the Lime Lane household this week, more on that soon.

But I couldn’t get to the blogging thing. First time, pretty much, since I began four years ago.

And I don’t know what it says that traffic increases, not decreases, when I do nothing. I’m not going to even try and fathom what that might suggest ;)

But there’s some things I need to tell you, so I’m just going to dive in and list them here, so we can get call caught up.

In other news, we have frogs. In particular one rather loud one in the neighbour’s yard, that pretty much “ribbits” from mid-afternoon through most of the night. He’s very loud. One also scared the life out of me one night when I got home from work, which meant I had to detour into the house back through the garage and enter through another door so I didn’t have to step over it. It was huge.

We’ve been here for more than a decade and the amphibian population has never been more prolific. We may have to move.

Normal programming will be right back.




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