in the neighbourhood // 11

in the neighbourhood // 11

Well the added level of crazy around these parts has certainly hit me where it hurts ~ blogging!

In between preparing for an interstate trip, I’m working, working a day a week at my new job [in an effort to get up to speed as quickly as possible], freelancing including some fantastic, fun new clients, and don’t even mention Christmas. Not to mention the usual humdrum of washing, cooking, cleaning. [Although truth be told, the Mr does his fair share and more of that, thank goodness!]

So stopping in today to share an eclectic collection of things catching my eye lately from around the online hood.

  1. Proving you can print your Instagram photos on just about everything ~ now it’s marshmallows.
  2. And in more useful scenarios ~ wrapping paper
  3. For little kids and big kids ~ controlling a paper plane with your smartphone.
  4. It’s party time so you might need this nifty trick. Last-minute labels with binder clips
  5. New magazine The Planthunter is gorgeous
  6. You may want to share this with your small competitor, or not. How to win at Connect Four every time!
  7. And what’s a list without Lego?! 15 cool minifig facts

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