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In case you hadn’t noticed, or hadn’t missed me at all [:)] I took a small break over the festive period.

The festivities got a little frantic and then, well, it was hard to log on to a computer when the family was relaxing around me, I got caught up in their smooth flow.

Thanks to the change of jobs late in the year I have the Christmas period off. An unexpected bonus of the switch, it’s been a wonderfully relaxing time with my little family and around the house.

After a couple of days of not doing much at all, I’m getting busy around the house doing some decluttering and thinking about things.

I’m thinking about ways to make our new life ~ 2014 will mean the new job and a new routine ~ easier, more organised, less cluttered.

So I’m spending my time rearranging, tidying, chucking. And then the space will be clear for planning and writing.

Statigram is putting together these little videos of your best of Instagram for 2013. It’s nice to look back and see some highlights from the year.

I hope you are finding some relaxing moments in the rush, some time for reflection if you are so inclined, and time spent with family and friends.

And getting ready for another year of zesty fun!

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