plant a seed // a smoothie a day

plant a seed // a smoothie a day

I often referred to making the new year the best it can be.

It’s different to saying “the best year yet” as, well, I don’t like that kind of pressure. I learnt that lesson in 2013.

So as the new routine for the new year ramps up, our eating habits are about to get a makeover.

No more holiday excesses ~ it’s time to eat well and be well.

So that’s why I’m starting some healthy habit challenges ~ starting today. And the beauty of having a blog ~ accountability.

It’s a weird side-effect of bloggy nature that if you say, publicly, you will do something then you are much more likely to do it.

So, each Monday I’m going to share a “plant a seed” challenge to encourage a new habit.

Now conventional thinking says it takes 21 days to create a habit but hey, “the secret to getting ahead is getting started” and you have to start somewhere.

You can join in if you like ~ leave a comment, share on the Lime Lane Facebook page or use the hashtag #LLplantaseed elsewhere.

So I’m starting with a smoothie a day. Too many times I have bought ingredients, made all sorts of vows, only to run out of steam after a couple of days.

Not this week. I have ingredients, I have “recipes” and I have a bit of time ~ the children are away for three mornings this week, that gives me three days to get this habit started.

Are you ready?

I’m giving several variations a go, using Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar book [we’ve been living basically sugar-free for a couple of years] and this green smoothie from her blog. Read more about her take on green smoothies here. I’m not into dairy smoothies as much so these suit me.

I’ll be sharing my daily smoothies on Instagram.

If I make it early enough in the morning the Mr will join me. And I’m hoping this will help to keep me full for the duration of the morning at work.

First up was this concoction which included some citrus, greens, herbs, coconut water and chia seeds. It was thick, a bit tangy, but it wasn’t bad.

Do you have a favourite smoothie combination?


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    cannot wait to see how you go – this is part of my “nourish” plan for 2014 but apart from the green smoothie bible hubby bought me for christmas i have not taken the first step yet. looking forward to your pics on IG and hearing which recipes you love! i need one that hits it out of the park so i want more lol (also love the seed idea!)
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    • says

      Thanks Deb! I find whatever you have in the fridge usually works. And the idea of using citrus pulp hadn’t occurred to me before and it makes for a nice tang. A base of some sort of leafy greens and then add from there works well for me.
      I’m looking forward to seeing how I go, too!

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    I love a smoothie for breakfast. Since I’m working on getting going earlier in the morning (hasn’t happened yet)… I make a smoothie then drink it in the car on the way to work.

    My smoothie of choice is banana, milk, chia seeds, natural peanut butter, cocoa, and ice (not much ice if I use frozen bananas).. So tasty and it helps me get calcium (I don’t like drinking milk by itself) and chia seeds are a great source of nutrients. I sometimes toss some spinach in there as well – can’t even taste it.
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