5 ways to find a moment of happiness today

On a wing and the moon

Thursdays are a bit of nothing day really. Hump day is over and the weekend is close, but still so far.

So I thought I would remind myself, and you, of ways to find a moment of happiness today to keep us going to the weekend. And they are all free, or at least less than a dollar.

  1. Smile. And laugh. Simple but effective.
  2. Wrap your hands around a beverage ~ your tea, coffee, milkshake or maybe your wine this evening ~ sit, still and soak it in. Pretend you are doing a coffee ad!
  3. Pop by the travel agent and grab a brochure. Just because you aren’t ¬†going anywhere doesn’t mean you can’t dream.
  4. Call, or text, your favourite person just to say hi. That moment you’re thinking of them is sure to bring gladness to your day.
  5. Find a favourite quote or word and print it out or make it your desktop wallpaper. Then you have a constant reminder of something that gladdens your heart.

What simple things make you happy?

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