plant a seed // take time to reboot

plant a seed / reboot


Yep, so quiet around here today you could almost hear pin drop!

I had an RDO, a day to myself, with a couple of errands, one of which got cancelled. I pottered, I played, I lounged.


So far we have started drinking more smoothies, and more water, vowed to read more, to buy handmade [more on that to come].

And now for a day of rest. There’s a lot to be said for pausing. For not rushing. For taking it easy. And that’s what a day off should be.

A reboot. Or reset. Stock up on supplies, window shop, browse bookshelves.

Take time to reboot.

When was the last time you took a day off? As much as you can, anyway. Or gave yourself a reboot?


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