plant a seed // everyday moments

plant a seed // moments

Simple pleasures. Little things. Precious times.

This week the idea is to revel in an everyday moment. Don’t brush it off, don’t rush through it.

Take a moment, enjoy a moment.

It sounds simple enough but often do we stop to extract every ounce out of a child’s hug, a warming smile, the flutter of a butterfly.

Moments are fleeting but same are worth savouring. I have a whole Pinterest board of moments, snapshots of loveliness in time. It’s good inspiration for those moments that are worth slowing down for.

In a serendipitous moment, while I was writing this post I got an email titled “Never forget those small moments”.

It was from Shuttercal, which is a digital photo journal to remember a period in your life. There’s even an option to get digital prints every month. Check out Shuttercal here.

I would love to hear a favourite moment of yours. Feel free to share!

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