inspiration files // tidy the office day

inspiration files // tidy your office day

According the fount of office supplies wisdom, present & correct, yesterday was “tidy your office” day.

Now I don’t know about you but every day is pretty much tidy my office day. But there is nothing better than a tidy, pretty, functional workspace.

So a little inspiration and a few workspace necessities for “tidy your office” day.

  1. Love the addition of greenery / here
  2. Inspirational quotes are a must / here
  3. Good looking and functional accessories / here
  4. A splash of colour / here
  5. Good lighting – and pictures / here
  6. Lots of filing storage, that’s neat! / here
  7. But keep it simple / here
  8. A corner of one’s own / here
  9. And some stuff, just because / here


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  1. says

    Hi there – just had to leave a comment – last year I was having a bit of a detox (read into that what you will…) and a “life-coach” suggested each morning the first 20mins was to plan for the day in detail, then the next 20mins was to de-clutter and get organised.

    It works a treat for me – AND I have found the time/space to add a beautiful cardamon ginger in the office – all you need do is crush a leaf and you have the scent of caradmon!

    So, anyway, love your blog, be back soon…
    Bren @ Findhandmade is talking about ..By Marie-NicoleMy Profile

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