lime link love // no. 6

Waiting for the smallest at guitar lessons. Couldn't help admire the patina of the weathered floorboards and joining in #myweekoflookingdown #vscocam

Well, here we are, midway through the week already. Hope your week is running smoothly.

What achievement, big or small, have you hit this week? Me, I’m managing to hit 10,000 steps every day so far this week [my little fitbit tells me so], and so now I am pushing through to ensure I get a week straight.


freebies // the simple things

freebies // the simple things

The simple things in life are often the best and the best things in life are free. Some lovely downloads shared by bloggers and designers all over the world.


things I’m loving …

It could be California but no, I'm still in country NSW. Love this city.

It’s a new week and while I will stop short of saying I’m loving Monday, I am trying my darndest to take the most positive attitude into this week to try and distract myself from the fact it’s a five-day working week  ~ oh the humanity ~ after two short working weeks thanks to the plethora of April public holidays. Plus school goes back, so there’s a double whammy.

So I’m turning over a new week.

Greeting the week with a smile and a suitably zesty green smoothie in hand ~ getting back in the habit ~ and making the most of it.

Live, laugh, love ~ that seems an appropriate mantra for any week really!

So things to be thankful  for and to inspire this week.

  • I’m loving walking. Never thought I would say that, who am I? But ever since I strapped that little blue tracking bracelet to my wrist [ie. a fitbit], I’ve taken to walking everywhere and incorporating more steps into my day. We are quite nicely located in regards to the CBD, albeit with a hill, but whereas a month ago I would have driven, now I walk. Bonus side benefit is snapping more photos with my iPhone ~ as pictured above! Apparently it can also help with daunting tasks
  • I’m loving the smell of crusty bread baking in the oven and warm soup on the stove. My favourite type of meal to go with my favourite season. It’s easy to forget how simple and quick these are to whip up in the kitchen.
  • I’m loving that art site 20×200 is back with a beta site here. Great deals and such great inspiration.
  • I’m loving more goodness from Pomplamoose
  • And I’m loving Pinterest ~ because well, Pinterest. Seriously though, love a site that doesn’t mess with something that ain’t broken. And it’s always good to fill in a few moments here and there.

What are you loving this new week?



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