old-fashioned fun with new technology


Last week I shared a link to a new app in which you had to wait an hour to see your photos develop. You can read more about it here.

Now as someone who grew up in the film era, and still has several film cameras in rotation, I knew I had to give this app a try.

The Mr scoffed a little when I told him about it [all apps are automatically downloaded to the other person’s phone] but he soon got in on the fun, too.


Not only is a bit of non-filter fun, it also means you take that moment longer to frame your shot [particularly if you are like me and have an annoying purple mould-like mark ever-present in your iPhone camera! You can see it in the image above. Bring on the iPhone 6].

And I’m loving the results of the black and white film emulation. So much so, at one point I was taking photos exclusively with 1-hour photo.


These are a  few photos from the weekend as we got out and about it on the nicer days.



Download 1-hour photo here

snapshot // the good things


I had full intentions of posting this on the weekend.

And then, well life, got in the way. In a good way.

I was too busy baking, eating, walking and relaxing with the Mr and the boys to spend much time at the computer.

And that’s OK.

My original intention was with the quieter pace of the weekends ~ and the promise of all time to spend however one chooses ~ it seemed like a good moment to take a snapshot, to reflect on highlights of the week and leave the lowlights right back there in the past.

So a few things:

  • My two boys have turned into true bookworms this past couple of weeks ~ snatching minutes to read. One has also just finished the first Harry Potter book and is hooked. I couldn’t be prouder!
  • The Mr and I had the most lovely lunch on my day off ~ tapas and a bottle of wine [pictured] ~ after which we wandered around the shops before walking home. It was just lovely.
  • I spent Saturday afternoon baking cookies ~ choc-chip and Anzac biscuits ~ while at home alone and couldn’t wait for the horde to come home and discover afternoon tea waiting for them.
  • As part of my work, I get to indulge my inner Spielberg with some video action. I love playing with video and I felt so motivated and content afterwards it was quite amazing.
  • I also backed this Lomography Kickstarter ~ because, you know, I don’t have enough cameras. And spent a few quiet moments on the sunshine on Friday reading Alphabet Journal [pictured], which is packed with beautiful photos and words.

What things have made you stop and smile this past week?

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lime link love // no. 14

beehive buildings

Leading into the weekend, how about some links to peruse and inspire for your days off. It’s the start of a three-day weekend for me [oh! How I love RDOs] and Mother Nature is promising another spectacular weekend weather wise with those gorgeous clear, crisp winter days.

And with this list, it’s a bit of a case of “oh! the places you’ll go”! [My inner Seuss is working overtime today!]

Lying in bed would be an altogether perfect and supreme experience if only one had a coloured pencil long enough to draw on the ceiling. 

  • And now I want my own owl!

And have a lovely weekend!

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