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Fruit and animals as trends never fail to surprise me ~ foxes, owls and now pineapples and watermelons.

Mother Nature  is a great designer after all and the simple, instantly recognisable forms and colours obviously mean they make a great style icon.

So in the spirit of watermelons are the new pineapples, a round-up of all things watermelon.

  1. Printable wrapping paper from brenda bird designs
  2. Make your own wrapping paper at inner child fun
  3. Serving tray DIY at oh so beautiful paper
  4. Pinata at oh happy day
  5. Ice cone wrappers at design eat repeat
  6. Mini cards at damask love
  7.  Dip-dyed tote from madame citron
  8. Drinks ~ Lime cooler and margarita [pictured] or lemonade slushies

And get the Watermelon font

+  How to pick the perfect watermelon

You can almost feel the juice dripping off your chin!

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