It’s winter … and that’s OK

Grey and miserable today so the mind wanders back through the memories ... #littlemomentsapp



It’s hard to be cheery, motivated or inspired during a run of cold, wintry, grey days. Double that on a Monday morning in winter. Triple it if you are coming back from holidays.

And in this day of the internet, it’s made worse as flowers, sunshine and beaches beckon from the screen as the northern hemisphere enjoys summer holidays.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m actually a big fan over winter than the scorching heat of summer. But the grey days are enough to get anybody down.

So here’s five ways to look on the bright side of winter.

  1. Because bad weather can be the best time for photography
  2. Because less light equals more creativity
  3. Because porridge
  4. Because there are lots of ways to beat the winter blues
  5. Because it’s the perfect time for soup! And tea! And hearty stews!

Winter or summer for you? And what’s your favourite to beat the winter blues?

Image of Mount Buffalo, Victoria, hiding behind the clouds, taken last week during a brief break in the grey.

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