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So hello October! [Not wanting to state the obvious but wow, how did that happen?!!]

Anyway, new month new start.

September 30 marked the deadline and end point on a busy period for me at the paying job. And I feel like I can clear the decks a bit and get back into things,into life.

This feeling of anew might also come from the fact we had a little clean-up on the weekend, nothing drastic, but a couple of clutter catching spots – one being my study – have also had the deck cleared, so to speak.

It’s amazing the psychological effect a project, a to do list, clutter, can have on the mind, it’s like a weight hanging over you and when it finally lifts, you feel you can stand up straight and get back into all the other things.

Do you ever have that feeling?

It’s like the effect a big deadline or a big event can have on the mind and you can’t see past it to the horizon. At the moment I’m fully aware of the dates, I knew my deadline was September 30, but its more hurdle than a date, the number becomes meaningless.

And that is why, of course, it comes as such as big surprise that it is now October! If we talk in numbers, that’s three months until the end of the year.

Let’s not go there.

Now it is more than a year ago that I started these little fun facts about the month and I’ve cheated and grabbed last year’s.

But it’s a whole new calendar. You can download it here and here! It features a shot of the Opera House that featured in the Sydney post the other week. Bit of a tourism plug for down under.

Wishing you a great month!

  • So October, “octo” of course meaning eighth, is the 10th month in the calendar but sat at No. 8 in the old Roman calendar, hence its name.
  • In non-leap years, October starts on the same day as January, that makes it a perfect time for a new beginning, don’t you think?
  • October 2 is International Day of Non-Violence, commemorated on the birthday of Mohandas Gandhi
  • There is also World Animal Day on October 4 and in Britain, October celebrations also include Apple Day, as in the fruit. And United Nations Day, marking the anniversary of the Charter of the UN on October 24.
  • For all the philatelists, it’s National Stamp Collecting month.
  • And a cause dear to my own heart, October also marks Breast Cancer Awareness month. Do the check, ladies!
  • October’s birthstones are the pink tourmaline and the opal and its birth flower the calendula.

Download the vertical calendar / horizontal calendar

lime link love // september 27

Watchoo doin'

Aim high, stand tall, get spotted!

It’s shaping up to be another lovely spring weekend but I really must stay inside to do some overdue jobs that I put aside last weekend when the weather was also too lovely to ignore.

Although my new trick idea is to get the boys to do a few of those annoying odd jobs around the place I don’t want to do while they are on holidays. And paying them at the end of the week with video game characters I fail to understand. It’s working a treat!

Plus it’s AFL grand final weekend in my part of the world. I’m not overly interested myself so if you’re also looking for a bit of an escape, start some weekend reading right here!

I’m also trying out something a little different this week ~ putting together lime link love on Flipboard. You can read it here.

Have a great weekend!

seeds // the timelessness of books


I saw this quote over on The Art of Simple on the weekend and thought it was wonderfully true.

It’s quite apt as the  youngest makes his way through the Harry Potter series and I wonder if it’s time for a re-read of the books myself.

Some of my favourite books I’ve read as an adult are actually meant for a much younger audience. And who doesn’t love a trip down memory lane with a delve into an Enid Blyton book and joining the adventures of the Faraway Tree gang or the naughtiest girl in school.

What’s your favourite childhood book?

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