photo pulp // airplane to eiffel tower


My photo a day ventures are a bit like a case of “Michael Finnegan, begin again”. I haven’t made it through an entire month for the better part of a year. Although it hasn’t stopped me trying.

This month, the prompts are a little different, following the alphabet for the first 26 days, so I’m a little more optimistic about my chances.

I was a late starter but jumped in with gusto on the weekend and got all caught up [and may have a few up my sleeve for later in the month, too ~ just in case].

One of my problems with photo a day is competing with my perfectionist tendencies of waiting for the right photo at the right time. This tends to mean a week passes and I’m still stuck on day 5 and invariably fall in a heap.

This month gives me back an element of control and so I’ve taken to the project with a bit of a theme, with all photos of objects taken with the same background.

So I give you A to E ~ not in any order ~ with a camera [ceramic and camouflaged], a dinosaur, a book, an airplane or aeroplane and an Eiffel Tower.

I like the way this little collection is coming together and hopefully, fingers crossed, I make it through and will be able to pull them together into something at the end of the month.

Tomorrow is G and it my be my first stumbling block ~ I can’t think of something starting with G. Any ideas?

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