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So yesterday, I mentioned I might have had a few eclipse photos.

We were blessed with great timing for the eclipse, starting after dusk about 8.15pm and running through the stages till about 11, and we were also lucky enough to have clear skies in my part of the world. I know many others weren’t quite so lucky.

The moon at night is an interesting subject to shoot as the camera’s settings are usually geared towards more of a daytime shoot, such is the brightness of this¬†celestial body.

However, shooting it when it’s changing light and colour becomes more of a challenge. At the height of the eclipse, when it took on a reddish glow and came back out of the eclipse, I have a lot of failed attempts as I couldn’t quite get the lighting right to capture the light and shade.

As it is also moving, some moments I was also chasing it all over the sky to line it up back up again.

My images are shot with my Sigma 150mm to 500mm lens. This was a pricey purchase when I got it almost two years ago now, but wow I have used it a lot!

Below is my image of the moon going from start to finish. I took shots about every 10 minutes over the course of a couple of hours. Click on the image to go to the larger version.


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