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This is one of those phrases that sums up introvertness for me.

I can happily partake in conversation but small talk with strangers I can easily avoid.

I can happily lead training sessions on subjects I’m passionate about it but not one to idly chat in the foyer to a distant colleague.

I can easily ring a stranger with my business hat on to chat about their passion.

But I prefer a quiet dinner to a rousing party and a text over a phone call.

One of the myths about introverts is that they are shy and this is not necessarily true. One of my “introverted” friends works in customer service and is exceptional at it.

We’re just not up for the chit chat.

How about you? Small talk or conversation?

via The Good Vibe

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    I am exactly like you in this way. I am a friendly person but I’m an introvert too and I hate small talk passionately. In those situations I become a bit wallflower like. A great quote!

    • says

      Thanks Cat. I’m sure we’re not alone. I find sometimes people are surprised by me admitting I’m introvert when I’m happy to do presentations etc – especially on things I’m passionate about it. I guess you would be the same with teaching!

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