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A 1957 dinner before going to the opera in Chicago. Picture: Grey Villet via Life 

It’s an age-old game, who ~ famous or not ~ would you invite to a dinner party?

Sarah Wilson posed the question here, after being included in a list [a great one, in fact] here and it made me think about who I would invite.

[By the way, I’m picking nine because the 10th would be me, so it’s nice and even!]

  1. The Mr: I can’t have a great dinner party ~ past, present or future ~ without him.
  2. Agatha Christie: A long-time favourite author, I’m hoping Aggie likes a chat and would fit in with some snapp conversation.
  3. Edwin Polaroid: To pick his brain and talk photography, naturally.
  4. J.K. Rowling: More recent favourite, hoping she shares a few Harry secrets, too.
  5. Diane: My first best friend at the age of 5, whom I lost touch with after her family moved away except for a brief contact during university when she turned 21.
  6. Marie Bashir: Our trip to Government House earlier this year was right before her retirement. Her story, work ethic and intellectual make me thing she would be an excellent guest
  7. Dave Grohl: If you have ever listened to this, you would know why.
  8. Hugh Laurie: Supremely talented and, if you follow him on Twitter, has a wonderful dry sense of humour.
  9. You: Prepared to bring a bottle of wine and add some sparkling conversation. Expect your invite in the mail!

So that’s my list, who would invite to your dinner party?



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