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And so here we are, the final day of 2014.

I promised to come back on the weekend with some link love but … well, relaxation and family took over. We’ve chilled, read, watched, lounged and it’s been grand.

So I’ve saved that post perhaps for this weekend.

In the meantime, a bit of a bumper post to round off the year.

First, two calendar downloads for 2015.

The first, is the DIY calendar which I’ve done the past couple of years. There’s a spot at the top to include your own images, children’s drawings, post-it notes, scribbles or whatever takes your fancy.

Download the DIY calendar

The second is the calendar with a Dr Seuss quote to inspire you each month.

Download the 2015 Dr Seuss calendar

These are the top 5 posts for 2014 according to WordPress. None of them are from this year but are mainly downloads from years past. And that’s OK, nothing wrong with longevity.

And that is 2014. You’ve been grand. Nothing to ostentatious or dramatic but it was a big year of settling into a new job and a new routine. I think of it as something like a gap year, preparing us for perhaps a bigger and better 2015.  The eldest heads off to high schools [gasp!] and for the rest of us and for Lime Lane, who knows? Opportunity awaits.

[In the meantime, I will be doing my damnedest to get this fixed today!]

Happy new year!


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