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Well, we are absolutely staring down the barrel of a new month already!

For this month of love, I’ve gone with the image used here because, I love it, but also this sweet roadside flower stall we happened across during our weekend adventures, symbolises all that is lovely about Valentine’s Day and romance.

Sweet buckets of colourful blooms, hand-picked and only $5 a bunch! And an old-fashioned honesty system.

Download the horizontal calendar or the vertical version



the holiday list


Excuse my slackness, I’m in a holiday mode of sorts.

The children have made a successful re-entry into the school year, making my coinciding time off a tad superfluous.

Oh well, more time for me!

And naturally I have a list. Not too long [I’ve learnt that lesson] and sprinkled with a variety of must-dos, simple tasks and frogs [don’t know what that means – read this].

And you know how it goes, if I share some items on the list, put it out there in the world, it makes me accountable.

So from the scribbled notes that come under the heading of “the holiday to do list”.

  • Organise a morning yoga routine
  • Do the taxes [big frog]
  • Sort out a blog editorial calendar
  • Maybe restart pay more attention to the newsletter/shop/associated blogs and new ideas [we’ll see]
  • Clean the study [may not get anything else done if I start this …]
  • Relax, read, rest
  • Find my pen [lost my favourite pen – it has to be around here somewhere!]
  • Get better at regular baking
  • Drop off dry cleaning [this is what we call a doable task]
  • Go to optometrist [appointment tomorrow]

So there it is. Check back in with me in a fortnight to see how I went! I might still be cleaning the study … *wonders if I can organise an extra day or two off at the end of my holidays …*


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