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I’m not one to get too touchy-feely with the end of the year and all that, really, but I’m not making resolutions this year as they are becoming too hard to live up to.

But there is one thing that has struck me this year that I would like to improve on and so I have gone with one word for the new year.


That’s what I would like to achieve in 2015.

I like it because it can apply to many thing and I like it because it’s not too lofty to live up to.

  • I want consistency … in my blogging.
  • I want consistency … in taking photos.
  • I want consistency … in drinking enough water each day.
  • I want consistency … in my diet.
  • I want consistency … in my exercise.

Surely, it’s not too much to ask and aim for. But it’s particularly the photography I want to become more consistent with. It’s completely fallen to the wayside in the past few months. I need to bring it back into my life.

Are you a resolutions or a word kind of person? What are you aiming for in 2015?

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    I’m all about the word and ‘consistency’ is so important. I definitely need more of it in my life too and it may well need give thd word alongside my chosen ‘complete’ this year. Consistency will be one of the reasons I feel complete and get things completed. Happy new year, Kelly! x
    Maxabella is talking about ..Hello 2015: One wordMy Profile

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      Happy new year to you, too, Bron! I’m with you there ~ and the two words do complement each other nicely. I really feel that “consistency” is a good word to hold myself accountable in 2015, in all aspects of life [commenting on other blogs would be another place to work on ;) ]

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    Great word Kellie! I too need a little (ok, a lot) more consistency in my life, especially when it come to my blog. I think I need to find the right balance between motivation and biting off more than I can chew (which usually results in inertia, as my blogging efforts last year have shown.) Best wishes for 2015 xx
    Alana is talking about ..Welcome to 2015My Profile

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      I so hear you on that Alana! I often get all revved up but find the action poorly lacking. My motivation can’t quite keep up with my ideas sometimes! Wishing you a productive and creative 2015!

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