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Let me start by saying I was not a fan of this song in its original state. I would even  go so far to say I would turn the radio off than listen to it.

Until I heard this version. Then I loved it.

I had the extreme pleasure of seeing Ali McGregor live late last year at a work-related event.

Funny story. I’m in the planning meetings for said event and everyone kept talking about this Ali McGregor.

“She’s fabulous.”

“We’re hoping we can get her.”

“She’s not available for this date but is for this date so we are going to lock her in.”

Meanwhile, I nodded my head and doodled in a notebook.

Then, I happened to say to my parents that this “Ali McGregor” would be coming to said event.

They were effusive.

“The Ali McGregor?” they said.

“She’s married to Adam Hills, was on Spicks and Specks. We love Ali McGregor.

“We’ll be there.”

Meanwhile, I’m thinking, have I got the right name?

I check with the organising events team and sure enough, that’s the same Ali McGregor.

My parents officially know more about the local music scene than me. Cue mucho embarrassment.

Needless to say, Ali came, she saw, she conquered.

I was an instant convert.

After meeting her at stage door right, and remarking on her wonderful version of Push It, I promptly came home and downloaded the album from iTune.

That was three months ago. It’s been on repeat pretty much since. It’s the one album the whole family can agree on.

Alchemy. Get on it.

Check out more videos here and listen on soundcloud here 


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