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I got on to a really good reading kick a little while back.

The local library is just across the way from my office so it was nothing to saunter across to return my books, borrow some more and settle in at home for some reading time.

One week I was so enthralled with my books, my blog reader [ie. feedly] was completely out of control and in four figures while I eschewed online for the printed page.

As easily as it began, I’ve slipped out of this habit*. I returned my books but didn’t bring home any more. And I can’t quite bring myself to buy one that I know I will probably only read once.

But I have a holidays coming up and surely, some days languishing with a good book will be high on the agenda.

What are you reading at the moment? Or got a long-held favourite? Got any recommendations? 

PS. Sir Richard Steele was  was an Irish writer and politician from the 17th century, remembered as co-founder, with his friend Joseph Addison, of the magazine The Spectator.

* Not sure reading free romance novels on my iPad Kindle app while the husband watches the football counts as reading, or good exercise for the mind at any rate!

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    I just read (and loved) Burial Rites by Hannah Kent – and stopped reading two other novels because I don’t want to spend my limited reading time on something I’m not loving. (All library books, thank goodness.) Reading has the misfortune of having to compete for time with my other love, movies, although at least I can read around my kids whereas most of the movies I watch have to wait until the kids are asleep, which is a bit late at the moment! Back to the library next week for another couple of novels, hope these ones will be ‘goers’.
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      It’s a big decision to leave a book Alana, let alone two! I really struggle with that. My last library book I didn’t read. I started, it was a favourite author I hadn’t read for a while, but the opening was just awful and I only got a few pages in. Much easier to make the break then! I might check out Burial Rites! Thanks for the recommendation.

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