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Seven pieces of randomness and a stray balloon …

  • It’s that time of the holidays. My children have reached bickering point, thankfully school goes back next week. Even better, they both start back on the same day.
  • As their holidays end, mine start! Woot! The timing is to coincide with the eldest starting, gulp, high school.
  • I’m creating a holiday list of all the fun I want to have in my time off. It will be too long and I will probably do none of it.
  • Mother Nature is spoiling us with some divine weather. I hope that continues on those days I’m not going to work in an office.
  • I took this photo in anticipation of a photo a day prompt this week. Except, again, I never got going. I still need to work on getting snap happy again. Sidenote: I didn’t even notice the stray balloon when I took the shot or during the two hours I sat there having lunch!
  • I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop ~ so far in the past week we’ve had issues with our air-conditioning and the power in the garage. [Our automatic door is not so automatic at the moment but providing a wonderful upper body workout!] Every day I wonder what else could go wrong.
  • It’s completely fraudulent that I wear a Fitbit when the most walking I’m doing at the moment is up the stairs to my office.



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