It’s Australia Day


It’s Australia Day here today ~ made even more Australian as it is on a Monday making it a long weekend for those lucky enough to get public holidays.

There’s ceremonies all over the country, awards, newly minted citizens taking the affirmation and the day is not without its controversy.

But I prefer to linger on the positives. We are the lucky country, not immune to terror that seeks to divide the world, but I feel blessed to live among people where it’s OK to have an opinion, where there is clean water and good hospitals and schools.

And there is choice.

Today, we choose to enjoy the day off before the madness of the school year. To join the Aussie spirit our way with a barbecue and perhaps a couple of beers [it’s the Australian way], enjoy the fresh air and probably watch a little sport.

Fellow Aussies, how are you spending Australia Day?

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Some zesty reading and a little musical interlude for your weekend.



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Seven pieces of randomness and a stray balloon …

  • It’s that time of the holidays. My children have reached bickering point, thankfully school goes back next week. Even better, they both start back on the same day.
  • As their holidays end, mine start! Woot! The timing is to coincide with the eldest starting, gulp, high school.
  • I’m creating a holiday list of all the fun I want to have in my time off. It will be too long and I will probably do none of it.
  • Mother Nature is spoiling us with some divine weather. I hope that continues on those days I’m not going to work in an office.
  • I took this photo in anticipation of a photo a day prompt this week. Except, again, I never got going. I still need to work on getting snap happy again. Sidenote: I didn’t even notice the stray balloon when I took the shot or during the two hours I sat there having lunch!
  • I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop ~ so far in the past week we’ve had issues with our air-conditioning and the power in the garage. [Our automatic door is not so automatic at the moment but providing a wonderful upper body workout!] Every day I wonder what else could go wrong.
  • It’s completely fraudulent that I wear a Fitbit when the most walking I’m doing at the moment is up the stairs to my office.



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