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  • I’m finding it harder and harder to get going on a Monday. And it’s only February. And it’s not like we’ve had a busy weekend. I’ve done an ample Sunday preparation session [laundry – tick, groceries – tick, cooking for lunches – tick] but getting out of bed on a Monday is extraordinarily hard. Is it just me?
  • I finally gave my study a cursory clean on the weekend [it was on the holiday list] so at least I can move around and type comfortably at my desk. I still haven’t found my favourite pen though.
  • So far, this year, I’m doing OK with all the small stuff but struggling to get to the big stuff. Hence, my camera gear is languishing in a pile in said study.
  • The eldest, now in high school, is quickly becoming a Sunday-night-I-haven’t-done-my-homework kind of child. I’m actually a little surprised at this. It will be my mission this weekend to turn that tide around.
  • Did you get anything for Valentine’s Day? I wished the Mr a “Happy Valentine’s Day” to which he replied “Is that today?”. Not surprisingly, one of his mates when asked a similar question replied “What day was that?” Birds of a feather and all that.  I will not be holding out hope for floral deliveries in the future.
  • It’s the middle of summer and I’m on a soup bandwagon. I’ve been making a batch on a Sunday afternoon for the week’s lunches. It’s crazy but what can I say, I love soup.
  • I get to meet some pretty cool people in my line of work. This week it will be the Governor-General.

Wishing you a wonderful week!

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    My eldest made sure I knew it was Valentines day. At the end of the day we went to a local beach and shared hot chips. As far as Gwen was concerned that meant we had celebrated Valentines day. Michael, my love, asked “Is it Valentines day?”
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    • says

      Oh that’s so sweet Melissa! And absolute, it’s a celebration of love and what better example! I might have to share this story with my two so they can get some ideas!

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