be kind


It’s been an emotional week and I can’t quite bring myself to share the usual, relatively trivial fare, that is this space.

That’s ok, there is a place for the trivial but I just feel that now is not that place.

I deliberately stayed away yesterday not only because of the tragic way events unfolded in Sydney but also because my own community faced its own threat from fires.

So today, a simple remind to be kind. To “throw kindness around like confetti” and remember to be kind because “everyone you meet is fighting their own battle”.

Never underestimate the power of a little human kindness.




7 pieces of randomness

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  1. I start the new week prepared but not prepared. The essentials ~ grocery shopping and laundry ~ are done and Christmas shopping almost complete but I feel like I’ve forgotten something.
  2. This is a momentous week for us ~ the eldest is finishing primary school. On the other side of these summer holidays we will have a high-schooler and while being a little misty-eyed, we’re excited for this next chapter.
  3. Every week I clear off my desk, here where I sit now, and every week a new pile of random papers appear to my left. Where do they come from?!
  4. I can’t wait for Christmas ~ lazy days and presents. I’m ready.
  5. I can wait for the hot weather. We’ve been blessed with a somewhat mild start to the season but this week the temperatures are starting to climb. Thinking cool thoughts.
  6. Out of all the gifts I have to buy this year, I think Kris Kringle gifts for work colleagues are the hardest.
  7. The birds start chirping at a ridiculous hour but we are lucky to have many of them in our neighbourhood and it makes me happy to see them hopping around the garden looking for grubs. On a side note, I saw a family of plovers the other week complete with three little chicks. I hadn’t seen the babies before and they are the cutest balls of fluff!
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