taking stock ~ green, pink and sunny all over

It's a yellow and chartreuse kind of day. Hope you've got some gorgeous weather where you are! #hellospring

I thought it might be fun this month to kick off with this list from Pip at Meet Me at Mikes. A little snapshot of what we’re doing, thinking, wishing and wanting here at Casa Lime Lane.

And because I know, while I’m “getting excited about longer days and warmer weather” now, I will be ruing it in a couple of months’ time.

Taking stock ~ green, pink and sunny all over 

Making: Plans and lists
Cooking: Lots of Jamie Oliver recipes

Drinking: Green smoothies
Reading: Mind, Body Green – new favourite website
Wanting: More time
Looking: For the perfect bag … and wallet

Playing: With Instagram’s new Hyperlapse app
Deciding: On a trip to the city
Wishing: For good news on the health front for dear friends
Enjoying: Sunshine
Waiting: For the new chickens to settle in
Liking: The Madden brothers new video
Wondering: If I’ll make it through photo a day this month
Loving: My wonderful husband and awesome little family
Pondering: Life’s little mysteries
Considering: A new project
Watching: Little boys turn into almost teenagers
Hoping: We are doing OK job raising them
Marvelling: At little boys turning into almost teenagers
Needing: To be more organised
Smelling: The scent of blossoms
Wearing: Less jackets and thick scarves
Following: All the inspiration coming out of #pbevent
A carpet of pink blooms ~ on my walk today. #hellospring #pink
Noticing: The signs of spring
Knowing: That Christmas will be here before we know it
Thinking: I won’t be ready
Admiring: Those that can put themselves out there
Sorting: Laundry – what else.
Buying: An endless supply of books for little bookworms
Getting: Excited about longer days and warmer weather
Bookmarking: All the organisation and productivity posts
Disliking: Temperamental computers and slow internet ~ absolutely a first world problem
Opening: Too many tabs in my browser
Giggling: At Have you been Paying Attention? Love this show.
Feeling: Thankful
Snacking: On cheese and crackers – my downfall
Coveting: A gorgeous new bag
Helping: The smalls with projects
Hearing: The birds – earlier and earlier

Pip has a blank list on her blog so you can also play along.

calendar // september


Spring has sprung in the southern hemisphere so a pop of yellow for the September calendar.

  • September begins on the same day of the week as December every year.
  • No other month ends on the same day of the week as September in any year. This month and May are the only two months to have this property.
  • September (from Latin septem, “seven”) was originally the seventh of ten months on the oldest known Roman calendar, with March (Latin Martius) the first month of the year.
  • September 14 was the day that Francis Scott Key wrote The Star-Spangled Banner, the national anthem of the United States
  • September 19 is International Talk Like A Pirate Day.
  • September’s birthstone is the sapphire. The birth flowers for September are the forget-me-not, morning glory and aster.

Download the vertical calendar / horizontal calendar

And a little September boogie to start the month!

Dancing in September ~ never was a cloudy day”. 

Wishing you much sunshine this September!

time for some link love

Times flies over us but leaves its shadow behind. ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne

Times flies over us but leaves its shadow behind. ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne

And another week has gone flying by. Did you know it’s like 17 weeks until Christmas? I’m sure you didn’t want to know that actually but it’s a frightening thought.

I’ve only just got used to saying 2014 and soon it will be 2015.

Anyway, today it’s time for some link love to take you into the weekend ~ may it go slow!

Have a great one!

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