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Don’t you wish your co-workers were this cool.

“One day I just got so tired of how sterile and boring our office felt, I thought I should do something about it,” Reddit user Bruck7 wrote on Imgur. “We realised that painting would take a long time, and would be difficult to remove, so we landed on post-its as a semi-cheap and fully temporary solution.”

Instagram has been busy. It updated the app and introduced a new one ~ Layout.

There’s a new puzzle in town. Is the  cat going up or down?

A little bit of font intrigue. Haas Unica

Unica® was an attempt to create the ultimate sans-serif – a hybrid of Helvetica, Univers and Akzidenz Grotesk.

I can’t wait for The Peanuts Movie later this year. Meanwhile, get the smalls in on the Snoopy hype by learning to draw Woodstock.

Buzzfeed has put together this video of 15 “beautiful” words. Doesn’t “effervescence” and “mellifluous” instantly make you feel better.

Pinterest picks ~ Donna Hay’s zucchini and quinoa burgers / DIY light box / Library card socks

Have a great weekend!

hiatus [notes on being a bad blogger]


hiatus [hʌɪˈeɪtəs/] noun

a pause or break in continuity in a sequence or activity

Please forgive me it’s been a month since my last blog post.

March 10 was the last post that appeared here. It was St Patrick’s Day themed and considering today’s date, I’ve completely missed any Easter round-ups. [Hopefully you might follow me on Pinterest as I did manage to jump on there in the lead-up and pin a few Eastery things.]
And I’m going to go and do all the things that the blogging experts tell you not to do ~ I’m going to point out that I’ve haven’t been here.

I honestly don’t know what happened – family, work, life – but I went bad blogger all over.

My blog reader of choice, feedly, was bursting at the seams. In a rare event, that is has never happened before, it got out of control.
It got over 1000, then it was 2000, eventually closing in or going over 4000, I lost count in the end. I chipped away before doing the unthinkable ~ “mark all as read”.
I didn’t even flinch in the end.

My domain expired. Obviously I renewed it again but for a few hours there it didn’t exist.
I didn’t even break a sweat.

And then I thought about just walking away. Letting it lapse. I no longer know what it wants from me or me from it.
I didn’t.

Although I sit here now, wondering if I know what I’m doing.
I don’t.

But I figure this time is as good as any to dip the toe back in. Just like I did Instagram on Friday. This being a time of renewal, rebirth and all that.
I’m pressing reset on this month. Ready to renew this space ~ same but maybe a little different.

Let’s begin again.

PS. As I get ready to hit the publish button on this post, a notification from LinkedIn, of all places, lets me know today is six years since the beginning of 74 Lime Lane. Thanks for the gentle nudge Serendipity.

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