three fruity freebies

We’ve had a run of slightly warmer weather this week here in the country and it prompted someone to remark “I think I can smell spring in the air”.

And certainly, with September rushing up to greet us, the warmer weather is certainly on the way which means summer is right behind it.

Fruit is the colour of summer ~ bright hues, juice dripping down chins and fresh flavours.

No wonder I’m drawn to all sorts of fruity fun this week.


calendar // august


Very much subscribing to the theory of “better late than never” with this month’s calendar.

I haven’t missed a calendar download in too many months to remember so I can’t let the streak break now.

Plus, we need one for the kitchen.

This monthly calendar is the tool by which we remember who did the dishwasher last. This is one of the chores exclusively done by the boys which they take in turns and without written evidence, there would be much arguing and conjecture about who did it last.

When I’m late supplying one to pin next to the fridge, they start writing dates and initials down the to do list.

So this is a little reminder for them [someday is not a day, just like soon ~ as in I will do the dishwasher "soon" ~ is not a time].

Happy birthday to all the August babes ~ celebrate with peridot stones and gladioli!

Do you use the calendar? What do you use it for?

Download the vertical calendar / horizontal calendar


#74 fun things // shape up


It’s all about the shapes today with some square, triangles and other shapes to get your craft on.

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