74 fun things // gift giving


Nothing beats a handmade gift for giving ~ for budget and for warm fuzzies. They are great for teachers, grandparents, friends, everyone really!

Here’s four quick ideas you can get done before Santa arrives down the chimney this month.

74 fun things // colour blocking fun


A couple of colour-blocking type projects caught my eye recently and I thought a round-up of similarly themed projects would not go astray.

It appears colour-blocking is on trend that doesn’t appear to be going away in a hurry.

And why would it? Done right, a block of colour can update a classic and keep that timeless style intact.

74 fun things // spring into some DIY


Continuing a bit of a home decor theme in 74 fun things, a round-up of some ideas to bring spring into your world, refresh some tired spots and enjoy the warmer weather.

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