{my creative space} today I will …

finishing up

A temporary change in work commitments means I have the day at home to myself, which really means time to catch-up on my to do list.

And it will be all about priorities and deadlines today.

Today I will be:

  • meeting a couple of freelance deadlines;
  • giving the house a long overdue tidy;
  • finishing off my Souvenir Foto School alphabet challenge. And nothing like leaving the hardest to last, x and z;
  • battling the puddles after  Mother Nature dumped about 100 millimetres on us in the past 24 hours; and,
  • thinking about blog posts, newsletters and the beginning of autumn.

And Facebook introduced timeline for pages overnight, you can see Lime Lane’s here, and thank you Facebook but I really didn’t need the distraction today of all days.

our creative spaces

{my creative space} a sky full of stories

sky trails

Today, I thought, “I got nothing”. I’m still playing with my food but apart from that I’ve been busy changing routines and walking the tight rope of work-life balance. There hasn’t been much creating.

sky trails

But there has been al lot of  getting up early, which brings me to this.

Apparently, just before sunrise, the country skies are the equivalant of the main street at peak hour, with no less than six planes streaking across various parts of the aero landscape. I looked out my little studio window to see the first rays of the sun picking up the trail of a high-flying airliner. I grabbed camera, and iPhone, and raced outside.

sky trails

I wonder where they were all going, what they might have planned for today.

sky trails

our creative spaces

{my creative space} busy … getting nothing done

Visiting the land of procrastination, with a detour down distraction street

This week I’ve been visiting the land of procrastination, with a detour down distraction street.

And I’m betting we’ve all been there.

So the most creative thing I’ve done this week is writing that first sentence up there. Apart from finding ways to not do the things I’m supposed to be doing.

As well I’ve been:

  • I’m still playing with my food
  • I’ve been helping the eldest with a slideshow project for school
  • And working out new homework routines
  • I’ve been playing on the photo blogging site tadaa
  • And  avoiding to do lists

After thinking about being busy versus being productive yesterday, I’ve got to say that today I’m neither.

Some times, I find it easy to procrastinate by writing the to do list. Because hey, that’s working, right. But on reflection, I think I need to write many lists ~ for today, for tomorrow, for the chores that need doing, for the someday projects, for the things to remember.

And then maybe I will know where to start.

Directions. The lists are the map to the land of productivity.

Yep, time to stop being poetic and get some work done.

What’s your favourite destination in the land of procrastination?

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