{my creative space} playing with my food

{e} is for egg

{e} is for egg ~ and yes, that's an E cut out of a hard-boiled egg

As you may have already seen, I’m participating in the Souvenir Foto School 2012 Alphabet Challenge, photographing something a representing a different letter every day.

Leading up to the start on February 1, I was racking my brains for a theme. I couldn’t quite lock in on something I was happy with. I even recruited Hubby for a few ideas. I started off hestiantly, and looking back I’m not as happy with ‘A’ now that the theme has taken shape. I may go back and change it.

So my theme is the actual letters ~ that was my starting point. And I’m using a cookie cutter set to display the letters in some way {checking five days in to make sure I had every letter, talk about prepared!}. And then it became about food. The theme evolved over the first few days and is now taking on a life of its own.

{f} is for fungi

{f} is for fungi ~ one of my favourites so far

At first I was a little unsure, thinking maybe it would be too much of a challenge. But I’ve since brainstormed ideas for every letter, put the occasional call out for ideas, and the month is taking shape. And some of them have been a lot easier than I envisaged.

I was sharing them here everyday but have since gotten out the habit. So this is a catch-up, but this project is also pretty much taking up most of my creative space at the moment.

g is for grain

{g} is for grain ~ if you stare long enough, you can see the g

a / b / c / d /

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{my creative space} it’s going to be foto february

photo time

Let’s all sing that familiar refrain ~ where has my week gone?

It’s Thursday, the smalls have almost completed a week back at school, and I still have a to do list as long as my arm.

Never mind, because things are getting creative around here, and now that I stop and think about it, it’s also getting exciting.

For starters, my week started on Tuesday. After the epic Australian Open final {which I had to wait for as a news hound}, I decided that Tuesday would be the  new Monday.

And amazingly it was quite the productive day.

But yesterday is when things got exciting, and busy. My day was caught up tending to one of the small’s needs, which blocked out most of my day, but inbetween, some amazing things happened.

  • We launched a new month, a new theme and a new design for the Creative Collective as it celebrates its birthday this February. Do stop by and check it out.
  • I won a spot in Vivienne McMaster’s Light Hunters course thanks to tinniegirl. {thank you thank you thank you Cathy!} I’m so looking forward to seeing how this reflects in my photography and I’m already taking more notice of the way light falls.
  • And Souvenir Foto School has started so I’m deep in thought about working around a theme.

And today, well, it’s time to start taking some photos.

So it’s going to be a bit of a foto February. Be ready for a slide show.

our creative spaces

{my creative space} photographic proof


So last week I resolved to blow the dust off my camera and get out and take some photos.

And you know what ~ I did!

So in this post is a selection of photos I’ve taken this past week. But I’m still working hard to create that habit.


Although I’m slowly pushing myself more and more. Doing a little things like walking out of the office while on a break to take photos with my iPhone, looking in my own back yard for inspiration.


Along with “make it happen”  I need to remember to “try harder”. Or as Yoda would say:  “There is no try, only do”. Or something like that.

yellow ruffles

Okay, so it might be time to step away from the flowers and take something else.

There’s always a little something different over at quotidien.


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