a survival kit … just for you


I apologise for going AWOL last week. Sadly, we had a family funeral to attend and the week just got away from me. And truthfully, I just wanted to curl up with my own thoughts and avoid jumping back into the world. Classic introvert behaviour!

But this post, which has been brewing for a while, becomes even more pertinent.

I first came across  the survival kit idea at a team-building exercise for work. A Google search shows they are quite common and can be tailored for teachers, students, friends and colleagues.

But of course the blogger in me also thought, what a lovely thing to share.

  • A feather  ~ to remind you that you can fly … and sometimes you just need to wing it!
  • A penny ~ for your thoughts.
  • A marble ~ to replace the ones you lose.
  • A rubber band ~ to remind you to be flexible.
  • A paper clip ~ to remind you that you are an important link in others lives.
  • A lollipop ~ to remind you that you can lick all your problems.
  • An eraser ~ to remind you that everyone makes mistakes.
  • A Band-Aid ~ to fix hurt feelings.
  • A roll of tape ~ to help you stick with it when things are rough.
  • A crayon ~ to help colour your day.
  • A match ~ to light up your day.