what are you reading?


I got on to a really good reading kick a little while back.

The local library is just across the way from my office so it was nothing to saunter across to return my books, borrow some more and settle in at home for some reading time.

One week I was so enthralled with my books, my blog reader [ie. feedly] was completely out of control and in four figures while I eschewed online for the printed page.

As easily as it began, I’ve slipped out of this habit*. I returned my books but didn’t bring home any more. And I can’t quite bring myself to buy one that I know I will probably only read once.

But I have a holidays coming up and surely, some days languishing with a good book will be high on the agenda.

What are you reading at the moment? Or got a long-held favourite? Got any recommendations? 

PS. Sir Richard Steele was  was an Irish writer and politician from the 17th century, remembered as co-founder, with his friend Joseph Addison, of the magazine The Spectator.

* Not sure reading free romance novels on my iPad Kindle app while the husband watches the football counts as reading, or good exercise for the mind at any rate!

listening to …

Let me start by saying I was not a fan of this song in its original state. I would even  go so far to say I would turn the radio off than listen to it.

Until I heard this version. Then I loved it.

I had the extreme pleasure of seeing Ali McGregor live late last year at a work-related event.

Funny story. I’m in the planning meetings for said event and everyone kept talking about this Ali McGregor.

“She’s fabulous.”

“We’re hoping we can get her.”

“She’s not available for this date but is for this date so we are going to lock her in.”

Meanwhile, I nodded my head and doodled in a notebook.

Then, I happened to say to my parents that this “Ali McGregor” would be coming to said event.

They were effusive.

“The Ali McGregor?” they said.

“She’s married to Adam Hills, was on Spicks and Specks. We love Ali McGregor.

“We’ll be there.”

Meanwhile, I’m thinking, have I got the right name?

I check with the organising events team and sure enough, that’s the same Ali McGregor.

My parents officially know more about the local music scene than me. Cue mucho embarrassment.

Needless to say, Ali came, she saw, she conquered.

I was an instant convert.

After meeting her at stage door right, and remarking on her wonderful version of Push It, I promptly came home and downloaded the album from iTune.

That was three months ago. It’s been on repeat pretty much since. It’s the one album the whole family can agree on.

Alchemy. Get on it.

Check out more videos here and listen on soundcloud here 


why the internet is my inspiration [a thank you]


With lazy days over the festive break and some scorching days where there was not much  to do but hide away in the cool confines of home, I spent a little more time online than I have been recently.

And picked up some absolute gems of inspiration on all my favourite subjects.

This is what I love about the internet ~ the collective inspiration; the sharing of ideas, thoughts and tips; and, the sharing of tools, downloads, printables to enact those ideas.

I also love being able to Google that actor’s name you can’t think of when you’re watching a movie or that song from way back when, but I digress.

I think this, too, is why I blog. To be a part of that collective in some small way. That my small corner of the world wide web gives someone else that same inspiration, brings a smile to their face or perhaps a nod of understanding.

As we jump into the new year, there are a few things I eager to try after being inspired by others so I thought I would share them here so perhaps you, too, can be inspired but also to say a thank you to those people for sharing the inspiration.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Kate, from one of my faves picklebums, shared her ideas for keeping track of things this year with a modified bullet journal. I’ve also shared this idea before and really like the process but like Kate, find it hard to keep up with all the icons and points. So I’m going to test out her idea of a notebook, monthly calendar print outs and a more random approach. Here’s my version. I had a Typo notebook lying around [has a camera on the front, win!] and I taped my January calendar in. Now to get listing!


Chantelle, from Fat Mum Slim, shared on Instagram the idea of candy coloured prints, inspired by Matt Crump. Like her, I was blown away by his work and was eager to try out the technique, too. You can read his how-to here and Chantelle has a post about trying it out here. That’s my attempt with a shot of Sydney Harbour from the archives.

Nic, from Planning with Kids, who shared her reflections on her plans and lists for 2015 which included this great proverb: If you chase two rabbits, you will not catch either one. Her whole post is a great one to get you thinking about how much to take on in the new year.

Kate’s beautiful series from the first is a great reminder to get out there with the camera and to tell a story. I need to take. more. photos.

And everyone on Pinterest, because, Pinterest.


Who and/or what is inspiring you at the moment? 

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