5 ways to find a moment of happiness today

On a wing and the moon

Thursdays are a bit of nothing day really. Hump day is over and the weekend is close, but still so far.

So I thought I would remind myself, and you, of ways to find a moment of happiness today to keep us going to the weekend. And they are all free, or at least less than a dollar.

  1. Smile. And laugh. Simple but effective.
  2. Wrap your hands around a beverage ~ your tea, coffee, milkshake or maybe your wine this evening ~ sit, still and soak it in. Pretend you are doing a coffee ad!
  3. Pop by the travel agent and grab a brochure. Just because you aren’t ¬†going anywhere doesn’t mean you can’t dream.
  4. Call, or text, your favourite person just to say hi. That moment you’re thinking of them is sure to bring gladness to your day.
  5. Find a favourite quote or word and print it out or make it your desktop wallpaper. Then you have a constant reminder of something that gladdens your heart.

What simple things make you happy?

{74 ways} random thoughts on one of *those* days


Why are those days always pretty much on Wednesdays? Although quite often they come on Mondays, too.

Do you have those days?

For me, those days are when you throw your hands up in the air.

The list of things you’ve gotten done today is long, but the to do list is longer.

You congratulate yourself that it is only 10.30am and look how much you’ve done.

You curse yourself that is 1.30pm and you are running out of time ~ and when you last looked it was only 10.30am.

It’s one of those days.

On this day of those days, I had something all planned, and for once I’ve gone with my better judgment, not against it, and put it aside until I can give it the time it requires.

Completely against my deadline-pushing nature.

I’ve had enough and I’m giving up on today.

Those days really just get all too hard.

I’m giving over to the random and letting go of the chaos.

Starting afresh tomorrow.

And sharing some of the random thoughts rolling around in my head //

  • My little study would be greatly improved with the addition of fairy lights.
  • I love that moment when you drive by a tree and a flutter of leaves fall from the branches. Magic.
  • Whenever I see a street light come on or go off, I think of Harry Potter.
  • I love that my littlest came home the other day and told me about alliteration. The grammer geek in me is proud.
  • I think I will now teach him about onomatopoeia. I love the word onomatopoeia

The picture is fibre optic lights on one of our Christmas trees, if you’ve been following along it is also known as the smalls’ tree. It changes colour which makes for hours of fun taking photos of blurry Christmas lights.

Ever have those days? Got any random thoughts to share?

{74 ways*} on worrying ~ warts and all

mellow yellow

{cause we should all aim to be more like mellow yellow here}

My name is Kellie and I’m a worrier.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately been worrying, or worrying about worrying perhaps.

I have a long history of worrying. And its close friends ~ anxiety, panic attacks and insecurity.

I guess my big adventure has brought this to the forefront of my mind again. I was amazed actually how calm I was leading up to the weekend. Leaving the house usually makes me a little panicky. And the fact that, despite delays, I was also calm about catching a shuttle and getting into the city by myself, and was going to be four hours late for the event that I had completely over-psyched myself up for, was also a revelation. Although, to be fair, my joie de vivre naturally didn’t last and I reverted to form, shy, panicking and a bumbling nervous wreck for the rest of the afternoon. (I know, it’s a wonder I ever managed to land myself a husband).

And then I start to wonder if anxiety is genetic. No. 1 is collecting irrational fears like football cards ~ the dark, storms, birds, small dogs, our dog, errant butterflies and heights.

So back in the real world this week, I suddenly started to see snippets everywhere about worrying. If I was the philosophical sort, I might say they were signs from the universe.

And the general theme: worrying is a waste of time.

But to err is human, and to worry is human. And if we err, than we are probably going to worry about it.

Our day to day fears and worries, for the most part, are unfounded. It’s not to say it won’t happen, but the odds are it won’t. And when you think about it, the more likely your worries are, the less likely they are to have any long-term effect.

Cheer up, it may never happen.

Yeah, while I’m unlikely to ever stop worrying, I can certainly aim to clear the space in my head for much nicer thoughts.

What about you? Are you a worrywart?

What got me thinking?:

* 74 ways was once 74 ways to be inspired. But I’m thinking of turning it into just 74 ways, sort of a 74 ways on life, for those occasional more thoughtful and reflective posts that don’t really fit it to any where else. Bit like me!

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