{74 ways to be inspired} hearing authentic voices


Some time ago now I wrote this post about blogging, and niches, and how I had finally found a fit. {Mind you, sometimes familiar insecurities still raise their ugly heads.}

And along with the scribbled notes that were the genesis of that post, was another page of scribbled notes that were the genesis of this post. Except they languished {one of my over-used words at the moment, lots of things are languishing around me at this time} in a pile of other random pieces of paper and I held back from writing my planned follow-up.
But then I finally got up the nerve, and wanted to get my own “explanation” out there.

I wanted to explore the concept of another blogging catchcry ~ “authenticity”.

There is a lot of talk in blogging about your voice, online personas versus IRL {in real life} etcetra etcetra.

It started with a comment in an email. It certainly was not a bad comment in any way. In fact, it included some lovely, feedback, you know the kind that makes you sit a little straighter and smile to yourself and think “I’m doing something right”.

But part of the comment was that here I had such a positive outlook on things.
And while this post was still in draft form, Susannah wrote about this very topic, and said this {among many other great points, I suggest you have a read}:

I just think it’s important to keep it real here, to share a realistic slice of what my experience of the world is like.

And it made me think. Am I being untrue to my readers because I don’t blog more about me?

I have wrestled with this for some time.

And then I had the “niche revelation” and I realised that it was okay that this space be a pretty and positive oasis on the internet. It is meant to be a beautiful space, filled with inspiration.

And it certainly isn’t the only one.

And sometimes that’s what people are looking for.

Because blogging, really, is just like ice cream — there are so many different flavours to choose from. You might like butterscotch and caramel, while I prefer mint and cherry; they all taste good and sometimes I don’t mind a smidge of butterscotch, but mostly I prefer the mint. Some ice creams have too many sweet toppings on them — but some people like them better that way. And that’s cool with me — we don’t all have to hang out at the same gelateria. ~ Susannah Conway

And I don’t think that makes it any less authentic.

I don’t think of this as a personal blog. It’s mine, and it’s just me, just not all about me. It’s things I love,  and that I find inspiring, and that I love to do or want to do.

For me it also my hobby, my interests, my motivation.

Because of my work and my own issues, I rarely divulge personal details. And sometimes I struggle with the thought that makes it less authentic.

But it is still me.

And my life certainly isn’t perfect. And there is often shouting, frustration, and loss of tempers, and stress, and tears and all that usual stuff.

It’s ordinary stuff ~ and there are extraordinary people who make the ordinary interesting. Or have extraordinary ordinary in their lives and they can inspire people with their story.   That’s not me. {If you want the everyday usual follow me on twitter ~ those fascinating insights end up there sometimes}

Quite frankly, my life, life at Casa Lime Lane, tends on the boring side, and that’s not a bad thing either. Actually, on reflection, I’m pretty relieved about that.

Feel free to hit me up ~ fraud or friend, inspiration with a sprinkle of authenticity and a dash of honesty? Do you prefer less dash or more sprinkle?

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{74 ways to be inspired} lists of creative ideas for your weekend

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It’s Friday afternoon, the weekend looms, what creative plans do you have for your free time?

Never fear, I have some great creative ideas right here. And better than that, they are in the form of lists, and we all know how I love a good list.


74 ways to be inspired: the what and why of blogging ~ for me

{writing ~ my notes (by me)}

If you are reading this, you probably love blogs. You might have your own blog, you might like to just read blogs, you might be thinking about starting your own blog.

Now, as I enter my third year of blogging {and it feels amazing to be able to say that!}, I thought I might write a few posts on blogging. Now I’m no expert, there are plenty of people out there who  have blogs on blogging, but I have learnt a few things along the way and feel I may now have two cents to add to the discussion. I had an a-ha moment.

For the first two years, I struggled with two things.

  1. What is my niche?
  2. Why do I blog?

If you read blogs about blogging, then these are recurring themes. Not to mention friends and family, you can barely turn on a computer, asking “so why do you spend all that time doing that?”

Only last weekend did I have that “a-ha” moment to answer these questions.

I was reading this post by Jade Craven on The 5 types of people you need to know to be successful online. And there it was  ~ a word to describe my niche.

I’m a curator.

I enjoy hunting and gathering information from all over the web, I like sharing and disseminating that information to you. It falls into certain categories, I guess, but it is information I’m interested in, and I think, and hope, you are too. And I sprinkle that with posts on my own projects and thoughts.

I guess really it may have been obvious, I think it might be just timing, it would seem things are starting to click.

And I can’t tell you how much putting a label on my niche has helped me. Acknowledgement, confirmation, confidence, authority, meaning ~ if you combined all those words it would go some way in describing it.

I guess, I feel like a blogger.

I guess that’s why I feel now, I may have something to offer the conversation.

Now, why do I do it? That I can’t still put into words. Because I enjoy it, because I’m a journalist by trade and that’s what do, because I love it. It could just be that simple.

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