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groove pulp // february playlist

I don’t know about you but I don’t stay up with the young kids’ music like I used to. Quite often I look at the top 20 chart and don’t recognise a single song.

But I fired up my Spotify the other day and was browsing the new releases section when I spotted some familiar names, and not so familiar.

So for your afternoon, some new songs, some old favourites, and some of those young ‘uns.

a tune for Tuesday …

The Mr got sick of my constant replay of Justin Timberlake’s new album in the car and the next time I hopped in, something new was playing.

Don’t you hate it when someone moves the mirror, the seat and then changes the stereo, too.

Anyhoo, lucky it’s my personally selected iPod in the car so it’s hard to find something I don’t like on there.

And he selected this, Emeli Sande.

I can’t even remember where I discovered Sande but I just love her sound.

She’s now on repeat in the car.

This is a great song but I’m also loving Where I Sleep, it completely goes with my “love” word for the new year.

Do you hear what I hear? It’s Christmas tune time

tinsel and tunes

On the weekend I cranked up the Christmas music to help us get into the festive spirit.

When only played but once a year, the familiar tunes can take you back times the rustle of wrapping paper and the smell of fruit cake.

I’m a fan of the classic Christmas tune, or a bit of jazz and soul. The pop stuff, no thanks but there is a great playlist of that here if you prefer Bieber over Bing.

I shared some of my favourite festive tunes from my collection here last year but Spotify have a great playlist of Christmas classics for the big day.

Music to unwrap presents to! Take it away:

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