so, you want to be a writer? It’s NaNoWriMo time


Let me start by saying, I have absolutely no plans to write a novel. I don’t have the patience.

Although I love words, and work with them daily, but am ultimately the evil editor type rather than the whimsical wordsmith type.

As a journalist, I’ve done my share of writing and re-writing, but have always hankered for honest-to-goodness writing that occurs in a mythical spot where a typewriter sits on a wooden desk in minimalist surrounds, facing a window, steaming cup of something nearby and piles of notes, papers and pens scattered around.

And this is why I’m such a sucker for anything that mentions famous writers, their process, their favourite drinks or their writing habits.

And I also love information hoarding and when I saw the other day a mention of National Novel Writing Month, it seemed the opportune time to roll out the words on writing I’ve been hoarding for the better part of six months.

Here’s a tip: Big Huge Labs have a cool, simple writing interface here ~ for all those times you are feeling wordy ~ or try one of these

There are lots of written words on writing, and writers. So as we head into #NaNoWriMo, a few tips on writing from writers.

So from all those words on writing, I’ve narrowed it to three tips on how to be a writer.

You need some quirk.

Kerouac liked scrolling his work, Joyce used crayons, Woolf like to stand, Steinbeck always had 12 sharpened pencils on his desk and Capote wouldn’t start or finish a work on a Friday. What’s your quirk?

Make sure you have a routine.

First thing in the morning, after a cup of tea, lighting a candle, waiting on the moon. It’s all in the timing. Or perhaps try one of these creative routines.

You need a signature drink

Hemingway was a fan of mojitos, F. Scott Fitzgerald a gin rickey. What’s your poison?

Further reading:

Are you attempting NaNoWriMo?  Do you have a novel in you? Or perhaps just a short story?


plant a seed // everyday moments

plant a seed // moments

Simple pleasures. Little things. Precious times.

This week the idea is to revel in an everyday moment. Don’t brush it off, don’t rush through it.

Take a moment, enjoy a moment.

It sounds simple enough but often do we stop to extract every ounce out of a child’s hug, a warming smile, the flutter of a butterfly.

Moments are fleeting but same are worth savouring. I have a whole Pinterest board of moments, snapshots of loveliness in time. It’s good inspiration for those moments that are worth slowing down for.

In a serendipitous moment, while I was writing this post I got an email titled “Never forget those small moments”.

It was from Shuttercal, which is a digital photo journal to remember a period in your life. There’s even an option to get digital prints every month. Check out Shuttercal here.

I would love to hear a favourite moment of yours. Feel free to share!

plant a seed // take time to reboot

plant a seed / reboot


Yep, so quiet around here today you could almost hear pin drop!

I had an RDO, a day to myself, with a couple of errands, one of which got cancelled. I pottered, I played, I lounged.


So far we have started drinking more smoothies, and more water, vowed to read more, to buy handmade [more on that to come].

And now for a day of rest. There’s a lot to be said for pausing. For not rushing. For taking it easy. And that’s what a day off should be.

A reboot. Or reset. Stock up on supplies, window shop, browse bookshelves.

Take time to reboot.

When was the last time you took a day off? As much as you can, anyway. Or gave yourself a reboot?


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