sunday read // creativity and being in charge

Explore. Create. Repeat. never disappoints in the inspiration stakes.

This is from the story of photographer Marcus moller Bitcsh, who not only takes breath-taking photos, but has some great wisdom to share as well.

Don’t be afraid of being creative. If you think creatively and seek out creative solutions, you’ll often get from A to B more quickly and more effectively. You don’t have to follow well-known paths. You’re the master in your own game.

Interview with Marcus Møller Bitsch here

sunday read // busyness v productivity

Ahhhh, my old nemesis. I long said I hate word busy. So I love this article that covers how easy it is to mistake being busy for being productive and how it is working against us.

Often, we get so wrapped up in the “motion” of work that we don’t realise we’re lacking in any discernable results from our efforts. We’re lacking the action that goes along with the motions.

Read the article ~ Turn Motion into Action ~ here

sunday read // never stop learning

At the risk of information overload, I read to learn, to know more. I was away for work this week at a conference learning about my new job. It’s been a big switch so this time is invaluable.

There’s always room for improvement. That’s what I love about photography, too,  the ability to try countless techniques.

I think it’s very important to never stop learning. There’s a tendency, especially when I’m busy and working for clients, to just become a machine that churns out work that builds a portfolio of clones. … I think that curiosity and going into the unknown is what makes work interesting.

Illustrator Marco Cibola talks learning, work and play here.

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