lime link love // september 27

Watchoo doin'

Aim high, stand tall, get spotted!

It’s shaping up to be another lovely spring weekend but I really must stay inside to do some overdue jobs that I put aside last weekend when the weather was also too lovely to ignore.

Although my new trick idea is to get the boys to do a few of those annoying odd jobs around the place I don’t want to do while they are on holidays. And paying them at the end of the week with video game characters I fail to understand. It’s working a treat!

Plus it’s AFL grand final weekend in my part of the world. I’m not overly interested myself so if you’re also looking for a bit of an escape, start some weekend reading right here!

I’m also trying out something a little different this week ~ putting together lime link love on Flipboard. You can read it here.

Have a great weekend!

lime link love // interestingness

An eclectic link-up of interestingness this weekend for your reading pleasure. If you can’t find a party conversation starter here for next dinner party, then I’ll eat my keyboard!

Unless you also have impossibly sunny spring weather like we have this weekend ~ then go outside!

lime link love // bridge to anywhere

And that’s another week done and dusted. We’re off on another adventure to the Harbour City this weekend which will mean another busy week ahead.

But I truly believe life is meant to be lived ~ even if sometimes it is from the comfort of the couch! You can travel the world from behind your keyboard this week with links to Egypt and Brazil!

Have a great weekend.

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