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Times flies over us but leaves its shadow behind. ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne

Times flies over us but leaves its shadow behind. ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne

And another week has gone flying by. Did you know it’s like 17 weeks until Christmas? I’m sure you didn’t want to know that actually but it’s a frightening thought.

I’ve only just got used to saying 2014 and soon it will be 2015.

Anyway, today it’s time for some link love to take you into the weekend ~ may it go slow!

Have a great one!

lime link love ~ number whatever

We're going on a moon hunt #supermoon #vscocam

It’s the weekend ~ time to kick back and relax, surf the interwebs and have a cuppa or maybe even a vino.

There’s no denying it’s been a tough week. But it’s a new day and a new weekend. Let’s dive in.

Have a good one.

return to normal programming ~ lime link love


And I’m back.

There is no rhyme or reason for the absence.

A day went by, a week … another week. No stress, no … need. It happened. A case of disconnect to reconnect. Stop the world I want to get off.

And so I did. For a few days, a couple of weeks. And it is hard to come back from that.

You pick a day, miss it, wait for the next “right” day. And you know what, there really is no “right” day. The “right” day is the day it just happens. The day that suits.

Funnily enough, I’ve seen several fellow bloggers come back from self-imposed, unintended breaks this week. It’s funny the timing – is it the moon, the season?

I’ve rambled long enough about something so unimportant. There is no rhyme or reason. No real reason at all. Except I needed to hop off, catch my breath, catch up.

Let’s dive back and start down the internet rabbit hole with some fun links for the weekend.

And speaking of blogging, Erin sums it up well right here.

What have you been up to? Do you need time away to find your way back?

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