how to be popular this Easter

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easter faves // hot cross buns

Like to join me for some afternoon tea.

The quickest way to make friends and influence people at Easter time ~ have a stash of hot cross buns on hand.

Young and old find it hard to resist a fresh hot cross bun at this time of year and if you’re not a fan of the spiced fruit kind, Baker’s Delight chocolate versions are sure to be a winner.

I shared my stash of hot cross buns at home, I had to hide some from the smalls to make them last, sent them out to family for the holidays and took some into work to share with my new workmates.

easter faves // hot cross buns

Now I think the buns are pretty tasty on their own. My favourite way is a few seconds in the microwave to make them warm and, in the case of the chocolate, a little bit gooey.

But the fruit ones get an extra lift with a dab of lemon curd while the youngest is partial to a smear of jam on practically anything and caramel sauce goes with everything.

What I love is they keep well in the freezer, so I’m putting some away for the smalls for then get home after spending a few days with grandparents and extended family over the Easter break.

easter faves // hot cross buns

But if you do happen to have a surplus at the end of Easter, I’ve scouted at five different ways to spice up your life with hot cross buns:

How do you like your hot cross buns?

I was given a basket of treats from Baker’s Delight to prepare this post.



things I’m loving …

Canberra, thanks for an epic weekend. I saw real-life water lilies and Monet's lillies at the gallery. #vscocam


The Mr and I spent the weekend in the nation’s capital, the trip prompted by a friend’s birthday celebration. The whole weekend was just fabulous. We were treated to gorgeous weather and had the opportunity to do things at our own pace, no rushing, no set plans. Delightful.

And we saw John Butler at a food market on the Saturday afternoon. Turned out he was playing in Canberra that night. Love a little famous people spotting on a weekend away!

So as the new week dawns, a few things I’m loving this week.

  • Water lilies! I snapped these at the Nerang Pool next to Lake Burley Griffin during a stroll after we arrived in the capital. The one thing I wanted to while in Canberra was a visit to the National Gallery to pop in and say Monet’s painting of the same, which I did. And I almost cried as I stood there. I bought home a print of it, too, so I can admire it more often.
  • Road trips. We had such a lovely weekend we vowed to do it more often. The changes this year to work and hours mean that is more possible than ever and we need to take advantage of that. And spending quality time with your significant other is the best life boost you can get.
  • This week is a short working week with Easter break coming up and it’s also the first year in my working life that I’ve gotten public holidays. So to say I’m a wee bit excited about this would be an understatement. Not to mention the even shorter week the week after with Anzac Day. I said to the Mr yesterday that it was a great year to start in a job with public holidays!
  • Three things ~ Yardage Design’s new napkins / The Biscuit Project / A Lego résumé
  • And in exciting news, 74 Lime Lane made the top 100 for Kidspot’s Voices of 2014 in the beauty and lifestyle category. Thrilled to be nominated again but to make the top 100 again blows my mind. So thank you, thank you to the person who nominated me and the Kidspot judges and organisers for another top 100 spot.

Have a great week!



shop news // shopping and decorating with society6


So society6 have an awesome sale on at the moment where you get free shipping on most items and $5 off each item. It runs until Sunday.

I’m really loving having items with society6, not only for the ease of it all but also because of the items available.

Where else could I sell, shower curtains, clocks and rugs.

These are some of the items now available in my society6 shop and I thought I would pick out some items i thought worked well in the various products.

The shower curtains are one way to really inject some personality into your bathroom and why not start every day with a beautiful sunrise!

The totes are a bit hit and miss for me but I could easily carry a camera tote around, great for quick snapping trips.

I love the clocks, and the fact you can select different finishes and hand colours to suit the image.

The rug are relatively simple and cheap but the pencil images, and the thread images, would be great in a classroom or  craft room, don’t you think?

Crafty types might also like this set of CMYK cushions.

Now the “dreams don’t work” mug is one of my firm favourites, I love the way the design works here, and ditto the pencils. Teacher’s gifts anyone?

And I have to add in a phone case and this is one of my favourites ~ the pola rainbow. It’s a shame it cuts off a couple of colours but it still looks pretty cool.

Society6 shared this video which shows their art prints in manufacture from start to finish. Fascinating to see where it all comes from.

Tell me, what’ your favourite product and how would you use it?

Take advantage of the sale by using this link

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