hiatus [notes on being a bad blogger]


hiatus [hʌɪˈeɪtəs/] noun

a pause or break in continuity in a sequence or activity

Please forgive me it’s been a month since my last blog post.

March 10 was the last post that appeared here. It was St Patrick’s Day themed and considering today’s date, I’ve completely missed any Easter round-ups. [Hopefully you might follow me on Pinterest as I did manage to jump on there in the lead-up and pin a few Eastery things.]
And I’m going to go and do all the things that the blogging experts tell you not to do ~ I’m going to point out that I’ve haven’t been here.

I honestly don’t know what happened – family, work, life – but I went bad blogger all over.

My blog reader of choice, feedly, was bursting at the seams. In a rare event, that is has never happened before, it got out of control.
It got over 1000, then it was 2000, eventually closing in or going over 4000, I lost count in the end. I chipped away before doing the unthinkable ~ “mark all as read”.
I didn’t even flinch in the end.

My domain expired. Obviously I renewed it again but for a few hours there it didn’t exist.
I didn’t even break a sweat.

And then I thought about just walking away. Letting it lapse. I no longer know what it wants from me or me from it.
I didn’t.

Although I sit here now, wondering if I know what I’m doing.
I don’t.

But I figure this time is as good as any to dip the toe back in. Just like I did Instagram on Friday. This being a time of renewal, rebirth and all that.
I’m pressing reset on this month. Ready to renew this space ~ same but maybe a little different.

Let’s begin again.

PS. As I get ready to hit the publish button on this post, a notification from LinkedIn, of all places, lets me know today is six years since the beginning of 74 Lime Lane. Thanks for the gentle nudge Serendipity.

dear me …

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Dear me*,

You’re going to be OK. You spend too much time wondering about the cool girls and wanting to be accepted. But you know, in the long run, that’s not going to matter.

It’s a bit like the HSC, which don’t get too caught up in either, although it got you where you needed to go, but truth is no one cares about the number in the years to come. Same goes for your popularity rating in high school.

If you knew what I knew, I would encourage you to take more photos and embrace that through university and beyond. See it as a creative outlet rather than a means to an end.

There are some things I’m immensely proud of you for. They may not have been conscious decisions as such but they were right for you, then and into the future.

I can tell you you will meet someone. The one. No, not that one. The one you think at the time. The one will come along later, when you least expect it. And not what you expected. And sometimes it’s the unexpected things that work out for the best.

Some things happen and it feels like the end of the world. While certainly some things will stick with you, a life lesson for the future, but they too shall pass. We have a saying in the future, #firstworldproblems, this applies to many of these things.

Hashtags a thing now.

Not being able to watch Neighbours growing up because of dodgy TV reception? This also qualifies as a #firstworldproblem and you won’t have missed out on much.

Believe it or not, one day you won’t even watch Home and Away anymore.

I wish I had some sage piece of advice to give you. But I don’t, except to say create more, live more and stand tall.

You in 20 years

*dearme is letters to your teenage self. A YouTube campaign as part of International Women’s Day



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  • I’m finding it harder and harder to get going on a Monday. And it’s only February. And it’s not like we’ve had a busy weekend. I’ve done an ample Sunday preparation session [laundry – tick, groceries – tick, cooking for lunches – tick] but getting out of bed on a Monday is extraordinarily hard. Is it just me?
  • I finally gave my study a cursory clean on the weekend [it was on the holiday list] so at least I can move around and type comfortably at my desk. I still haven’t found my favourite pen though.
  • So far, this year, I’m doing OK with all the small stuff but struggling to get to the big stuff. Hence, my camera gear is languishing in a pile in said study.
  • The eldest, now in high school, is quickly becoming a Sunday-night-I-haven’t-done-my-homework kind of child. I’m actually a little surprised at this. It will be my mission this weekend to turn that tide around.
  • Did you get anything for Valentine’s Day? I wished the Mr a “Happy Valentine’s Day” to which he replied “Is that today?”. Not surprisingly, one of his mates when asked a similar question replied “What day was that?” Birds of a feather and all that.  I will not be holding out hope for floral deliveries in the future.
  • It’s the middle of summer and I’m on a soup bandwagon. I’ve been making a batch on a Sunday afternoon for the week’s lunches. It’s crazy but what can I say, I love soup.
  • I get to meet some pretty cool people in my line of work. This week it will be the Governor-General.

Wishing you a wonderful week!

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