things i’m loving … spring edition

We have roses in bloom. It must be spring!


After a couple of false starts, it appears spring has arrived, blown in by some spring storms and despite the sneezing and sniffling issues [dratted hayfever], I have a soft spot for spring.

  • I’m loving  the lush green landscape that now features out my windows after the barrenness of winter. The changing season is a marvel to watch but after a while, the bare trees are just that, bare.
  • I’m loving the flowers starting to bloom, as they also make great photography subjects.
  • I’m loving lazy, sunny  weekend afternoons ~ not too hot and not too cold, just right!
  • I’m loving the longer days and having that little bit of extra light after work.
  • I’m loving the burst of motivation that comes from all these things. That don’t call it “spring cleaning” for nothing!

Is spring your favourite time of year? What do you love about spring?


taking stock ~ green, pink and sunny all over

It's a yellow and chartreuse kind of day. Hope you've got some gorgeous weather where you are! #hellospring

I thought it might be fun this month to kick off with this list from Pip at Meet Me at Mikes. A little snapshot of what we’re doing, thinking, wishing and wanting here at Casa Lime Lane.

And because I know, while I’m “getting excited about longer days and warmer weather” now, I will be ruing it in a couple of months’ time.

Taking stock ~ green, pink and sunny all over 

Making: Plans and lists
Cooking: Lots of Jamie Oliver recipes

Drinking: Green smoothies
Reading: Mind, Body Green – new favourite website
Wanting: More time
Looking: For the perfect bag … and wallet

Playing: With Instagram’s new Hyperlapse app
Deciding: On a trip to the city
Wishing: For good news on the health front for dear friends
Enjoying: Sunshine
Waiting: For the new chickens to settle in
Liking: The Madden brothers new video
Wondering: If I’ll make it through photo a day this month
Loving: My wonderful husband and awesome little family
Pondering: Life’s little mysteries
Considering: A new project
Watching: Little boys turn into almost teenagers
Hoping: We are doing OK job raising them
Marvelling: At little boys turning into almost teenagers
Needing: To be more organised
Smelling: The scent of blossoms
Wearing: Less jackets and thick scarves
Following: All the inspiration coming out of #pbevent
A carpet of pink blooms ~ on my walk today. #hellospring #pink
Noticing: The signs of spring
Knowing: That Christmas will be here before we know it
Thinking: I won’t be ready
Admiring: Those that can put themselves out there
Sorting: Laundry – what else.
Buying: An endless supply of books for little bookworms
Getting: Excited about longer days and warmer weather
Bookmarking: All the organisation and productivity posts
Disliking: Temperamental computers and slow internet ~ absolutely a first world problem
Opening: Too many tabs in my browser
Giggling: At Have you been Paying Attention? Love this show.
Feeling: Thankful
Snacking: On cheese and crackers – my downfall
Coveting: A gorgeous new bag
Helping: The smalls with projects
Hearing: The birds – earlier and earlier

Pip has a blank list on her blog so you can also play along.

things I’m loving …


No introduction … first thing I’m loving is bloggy breaks without stress. Unintended, life gets in the way kind of breaks. It’s been a little full on, and unfortunately it is not my story alone to tell. Except it’s been a full on. You’ll have to trust me on that. But, for the first time, the blog has been the thing to drop off.

Priorities. In my life, in my job,  I’ve have plenty of reminders that life is good and to not sweat the small stuff. We have a saying among my colleagues: “On a scale of 1 to 10 …”. It reminds us that in the grand scheme of things, most issues are really only a one.

Blossoms! There are buds starting to burst all over and the temperature is getting closer and closer to 20 degrees. Spring cannot be far away.

September also means iTunes Festival. This is seriously one of my favourite times of years. Artists streaming free to my lounge  room. It’s a little early for Down Under but iTunes have done some fantastic things for catch-ups and replays. Bookmark it and don’t miss it!

If you’re a desk worker type like me,  then you’ll want to bookmark this post on Yoga Hacks to undo the damage of a desk job. The past few weeks I’ve been doing a weekly, early morning yoga session. And for this former night owl, this has been a big deal. But, wow, how good does it feel. So if you doing nothing else, do this!

Also September photo a day [time to try again?] / this couple’s incredible story / love this photo shelf ~ wondering if I can convince the Mr to make it?

What’s blooming lovely in your world this week?

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