taking stock ~ the Christmas edition

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Pinch and a punch and all that!

Well, here we are in December, last month of 2014 and I know I’m not alone in whipping my head around and wondering where the heck did that go!

We broke slightly with tradition and put the Christmas tree and associated detritus up on the weekend. We invested in new Christmas lights after an hour of stringing them up on the deck resulted in a rather less than awe-inspiring display when they came on in the evening. [We swear they were working when we tested them in the afternoon.]

And despite the fact the calendar has only just ticked over to December, we’ve already put quite the dent in the Christmas gift list. It’s a Christmas miracle!

So it’s now looking a lot like Christmas and you can easily impress the male members of the household by stringing some fairy lights through some gold tinsel which will apparently go down as the prettiest Christmas ever.

The first day of a new month is the perfect time for a little reflection and I’ve modified Pip’s “taking stock” list [you can see hers here] into a shorter version for me, because I’m feeling a little lazy this Monday morning.

Making … Christmas plans
Cooking … Lots of paleo-inspired meals
Drinking … Water
Reading … Mystery novels from the library
Wanting … Time to slow down but holidays to hurry up
Looking … For the perfect present
Playing … Music with the smalls
Enjoying … Summer evenings
Waiting … For Christmas
Liking … The longer days
Wondering … If I can stick with a photo challenge this month
Thinking … I probably won’t but will give it a try
Loving … The fact that my hayfever season appears to be over
Smelling … Gardenias
Admiring … Friends taking things in their stride
Buying … Christmas presents
Watching … My little ones grow up
Disliking … The hot weather
Snacking … On olives, nuts and cheese
Hearing … The birds early each morning
Wishing … I could be more organised.

7 pieces of randomness and Michael Finnegan

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Michael Finnegan, begin again.

That’s how my blogging life feels at the moment.

Or it’s a bit like the hokey pokey – in and out, in and out.

So a Thursday seems a day, just as good as any to begin again.

  1. I wrote a post, hit publish, walked away from my desk and got caught up in the morning rush only to return 8 hours later to find the dreaded “Did you really want to do that?” message from WordPress. Took it as a sign that was not a great post and left in the drafts folder.
  2. I’ve been reading. My office is next to the local library so I’ve been popping into refresh my books. It’s been such a long time since I read voraciously that many of my favourite authors have new books out, new to me anyway. That’s been my evenings.
  3. I’ve been disappointed to find spelling mistakes in about two out of three books. What’s the world coming to?
  4. The low-carb way of eating has been a revelation. Wondering why I didn’t do it sooner.
  5. I completely jinxed myself by saying my hayfever hasn’t been too bad the past few years. Bet you can guess how that story ends!
  6. I’m slowly making the change from PC to Mac. The shortcuts are what’s killing me ~ not to mention switching between the two for work and home. Complete #firstworldproblem!
  7. I’ve read two things this week that resonated with me during this little ~ shall we say ~ break.

From Leo Babuta of zen habits who talks about “when your plate is full”:

I’ve found that you can do two things well, and one thing really well. With two focuses, you won’t be as concentrated, won’t learn as deeply, but it’s doable. With three or four focuses, you won’t do anything well or learn anything deeply or serve anyone exceptionally.

And by Dannielle who said this in a chat with Angie here:

Your blog should energise you. Write about something you could talk about for years and when the hard days come and you don’t feel like blogging, it will be easier to just get it done because you love what you’re writing about.

Last week, I focused on some freelance work that really needed to be cleared off my desk. Between that and my day job that pays the bills ~ there’s two focuses right there. And it’s true. It was hard to fit a third in.

And I didn’t find the energy to blog. I wanted to but couldn’t muster it up.

I find I have energy for the ideas and the planning but not the execution. I need to balance that out.

And a few more hours in the week would be handy, too.

But it’s Thursday, and it’s OK.

Begin again.


things i’m loving … spring edition

We have roses in bloom. It must be spring!


After a couple of false starts, it appears spring has arrived, blown in by some spring storms and despite the sneezing and sniffling issues [dratted hayfever], I have a soft spot for spring.

  • I’m loving  the lush green landscape that now features out my windows after the barrenness of winter. The changing season is a marvel to watch but after a while, the bare trees are just that, bare.
  • I’m loving the flowers starting to bloom, as they also make great photography subjects.
  • I’m loving lazy, sunny  weekend afternoons ~ not too hot and not too cold, just right!
  • I’m loving the longer days and having that little bit of extra light after work.
  • I’m loving the burst of motivation that comes from all these things. That don’t call it “spring cleaning” for nothing!

Is spring your favourite time of year? What do you love about spring?


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