crush // Logitech Case+ plus UE Mini Boom speaker giveaway

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[The giveaway is now closed]


I love a new gadget  and anything that makes my life run that little bit smoother is a big plus [see what I did there!].

Logitech sent me three products from their new Case+ range for the iPhone 5 range. Three very useful products and came at a great time for us.

And quite frankly, as we can find a use for all three, it’s hard to pick a fave.

  • Case + Drive: This magnetic car mount allows you to safely mount your phone while driving. The magnetic mount means you just snap on your phone very easily and there’s no fussing about with getting it into a cradle. It also comes with a small metal stick on piece that allows you to mount any phone on the mount – not just an iPhone
  • Case + Energy: This is a case with useful battery pack that doubles the power of your phone. It charges via USB.
  • Case + Tilt: This magnetic backing attaches to the case and once folded acts as a stand for your iPhone. It can also corral your earbuds in a cone.


Now the Case+Drive was invaluable to the Mr when he went off road tripping with the youngest for football. It allowed him to easily follow the GPS to the ground and out again while allowing room for him to keep it charged via our existing charger. He’s already talking of getting another for his car.


The Case + Energy has been great for me when I’ve been using my phone all day and not near a charger. When I’m getting into the danger zone I pop it on and I’m right. I’m off to a conference this week and I think it will be great during the day when I’m caught up in workshops and sessions all day and the charge is getting dangerously low. It attracts a lot of envious stare from gadget lovers in similar predicaments, too!


Case + Tilt is so easy to use. Similar to the smart cases for the iPad [which I can never seem to get right], the Tilt is great for keeping your iPhone in a handy spot while working and you want to keep an eye on what pops up without picking it up all the time. The smalls love it, too, for watching and playing together when we are out or even at home.

The great thing is the cases that comes with the products are tough and streamlined, simple and able to be used with the different accessories, which means I can leave one in the car for when I want to use it with the Drive mount, and have one handy for inside. Or the Mr and I can each have one to use when we need it.

The battery pack case is nice and simple, too. There’s a lot to be said for good design. All cases slip easy into pockets of jeans and bags while keeping the phone protected. You can use the magnetic cases for any magnetic surface like whiteboards and fridges. How handy! And all the cases and extras are easy to get one and off your devices. The sturdy cases comes in two colourways and the products come in selected colours.

Now I was worried about magnets and gadgets but Logitech covers that in their FAQs, saying the iPhones’ flash memory which are unaffected by magnetic fields. Good to know!

 A fave? The Mr would pick the Drive mount as his favourite product. He loves having his phone within easy reach. Me, I think the Case + Energy is my pick, it settles my fear of running out of battery right at a crucial moment.


Now it’s your turn! Tell me your favourite Logitech product for a chance to win  a UE Mini Boom bluetooth wireless speaker, valued at $99. The eldest recently got one and loves it. We might have even “borrowed” it a couple of times for our own use. It’s portable, easy to use and has great sound.

Just leave a comment below with your favourite Logitech product. 

This giveaway is only open to Australian residents [sorry far-flung fans] and closes for entries on Friday, February 28 at 6pm. The winner will be contacted via email the following weekend. If the winner does not reply to my email within 24 hours, another winner will be chosen. Entries will be judged on merit and decision of the winner will be final.

Logitech LogoLogitech have just launched a new product range. The product is a new case system for iPhones which is called Case+. The case is a smart sturdy case for iPhone 5/5S with a metal backing that provides protection. Logitech Case+ comes with a variety of accessories to add on to the case. For more information and stockist details visit

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it’s a last-minute Christmas

This post is brought to you by Baker’s Delight.

it's a last-minute Christmas

Still haven’t started Christmas shopping.


No idea what we are having Christmas Day.


Overwhelmed by festive cheer.


Looking for the easy way out.


Well I’ve got one quick tip for you today involving the food side of things. For all the morning teas, the class parties, the neighbourhood get-togethers, drinks at friends.

Buy it and make it your own.

it's a last-minute Christmas

Making mince pies and fruit cakes, that’s not me. But nothing says Christmas like the sticky flavours of sweetened fruit. Hello Baker’s Delight.

it's a last-minute Christmas

For me, I love the lemon tarts from Baker’s Delight, a Christmas indulgence, as they only come around but once a year. But there is also a great range of mince pies, Christmas cakes and mini puddings that are just waiting for you to make your mark. Or the smaller members of the family.

it's a last-minute Christmas

And I’ve given you a template to do it.


Click here to download a sheet of Christmas shapes.


Grab a cutter and etch out the shapes then dust with your favourite treat ~ icing sugar looks great on puds, but cocoa or sprinkles would also work. The flatter the surface the better. It also looks great on boards or platters. Perhaps you can cut out fondant icing or use the templates for colouring shapes. Endless possiblities.

Now another idea we’re using this week is Christmas-themed snacks.

Party snacks

And it’s party time. Here, there, everywhere. This is something I did for the boys’ class parties. The school divvies up the snacks between healthy, sweet and savoury among the students so as to have a mix of foods. We got savoury and healthy.

So to add a little fun to the snacks ~ and for the quickest, easiest options ~ we made snowman noses and reindeer antlers. [credit to the Mr for the noses idea]. Even better was the fact the smalls did all the labelling and packaging themselves.

I printed it out on label paper, stuck it to plastic bags for carrot sticks [the noses] and paper bags for pretzels [antlers]. And I’ve included the printable below. It’s eight to a page so you could use it for labels or signs or toppers. [I soaked the carrot sticks briefly in lemon and water before we pat them dry and packed them, to keep them bright and crunchy.]

74LL_snowmannoses 74LL_reindeerantlersprintable

Download the snowman noses printable / Download the reindeer antlers printable



crush // we all scream ice cream

This is a sponsored post

crush // harry's ice cream

You scream, I scream we all scream Harry’s Ice Cream, in fact.

When I was offered some free ice cream to try, well I was hardly going to turn that down now, was I?

So I loaded up on ice cream essentials and knew I was on to a good thing when the girl at the checkout said: “Oh, I love this ice cream!”

crush // harry's ice cream

As the temperature climbs ~ and it’s about to hit 38 degrees here today! Hello summer! ~ it’s the perfect time to be opening the freezer, and lingering to enjoy that cool breeze, to decide which one of the trio of flavours you might try today.

I had no shortage of willing taste-testers for a little ice cream party.

It’s funny isn’t it, that when offered the chance to try some new ice cream, and despite the fact, as one said, “I don’t really like raspberry but I’ll try it anyway”, the smalls just gobble it right up. No hesitation.

Taste-testing broccoli, not so much.

I digress. There was certainly no holding back when I finally opened the freezer and allowed them at ‘em.

crush // harry's ice cream

Now I don’t think there is any such thing as bad ice cream. There’s good ice cream and there’s great ice cream.

Harry’s falls in to the latter category.

My raspberry fan loves the raspberry cheesecake flavour while the “I don’t really like raspberry” put the Sticky Date Pudding flavour [I know, in an ice cream! Divine!] at the top of his list.

Funnily though, it was the original Pavlova tub that emptied first. Maybe because I took to it one afternoon with a spoon. [I’m a straight from the tub kind of girl. You?]

And yes, the Pavlova flavour has crushed meringue through it.

These three distinct flavours are exactly what an Aussie ice cream should be about. And that’s the great thing!

Harry’s Ice Cream is made with milk from Aussie cows and produced in Brunswick, Melbourne.

So not only can you treat yourself but you’re also supporting local producers and a local business.

All three flavours are available at Woolworths and select IGA stores in Australia. If they haven’t sold out. I had to go back twice to get the Sticky Date flavour! No way was I missing out on that.

crush // harry's ice cream

I spot some new flavours on their website, too. Lamington! Putting that on the wishlist!

What would your choice be? Raspberry, pav or sticky date?

And straight from the tub, or civilised in a bowl. Or even a cone?

 I was gifted the opportunity to try Harry’s Ice Cream in accordance with my disclosure policy


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