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And that’s another week done and dusted. We’re off on another adventure to the Harbour City this weekend which will mean another busy week ahead.

But I truly believe life is meant to be lived ~ even if sometimes it is from the comfort of the couch! You can travel the world from behind your keyboard this week with links to Egypt and Brazil!

Have a great weekend.

lime link love ~ city lights and colour

Melbourne at night.

We are just back from a night in Melbourne, which is where I took this snapshot of the skyline and river at night.

I love visiting the city but would never want to live there. I love being able to park the car and leave it while we are there, walking everywhere, lots of eateries, shops and things to do in easy reach.

We were in the city for the Penfolds Recorking clinic  and we had the chance to taste the newest Grange vintage as well as our own, very old bottle ~ which thankfully has stood the test of time but will need to be drunk sooner rather than later.

We also took in Flavour Exchange at Federation Square. It’s held every season and is a great chance to talk to winemakers and producers about their wares.

Now we are back home and it’s back to normal and a chance to relax, before another exciting adventure next weekend!

But first, some lime link love for the weekend.

time for some link love

Times flies over us but leaves its shadow behind. ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne

Times flies over us but leaves its shadow behind. ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne

And another week has gone flying by. Did you know it’s like 17 weeks until Christmas? I’m sure you didn’t want to know that actually but it’s a frightening thought.

I’ve only just got used to saying 2014 and soon it will be 2015.

Anyway, today it’s time for some link love to take you into the weekend ~ may it go slow!

Have a great one!

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