lime link love // 03

04. Good together #fmsphotoaday #film #vintage #vscocam

The rain has set in here again ~ it must be autumn! Although it severely hampers my goal to do 10,000 steps a day.

The photo is from the photo a day challenge for “good together”. The good news is I’m only one day behind so far this month, which sadly is good for me this far in.

And I haven’t forgotten, I have plans for a newsletter very soon!

Meanwhile, your weekly dose of your mid-week distraction prescription. Happy hump day.

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lime link love // no. 2

Palm trees in the country

After last week which seemed like a bit of a blur, this week, so [touch wood] is casually motoring on at a lovely serene pace, disturbed only by the fact I’m now the proud owner of a fitbit.

Now anyone who knows me would know how ridiculous that really is and the only thing that is making the situation more surreal is that the spray tan I had last week for an outing at the races as lasted and at least matches the incursion on my wrist.

Although I’ve got to say it works! I dragged the whole family on a walk around the block after dinner [pictured] last night because my amount of “steps” for the day was so poor. I’m nothing if not a little susceptible to some peer pressure!

Anyway, some lovely links to read on the run or while sitting comfortably.

Hope you’re having a lovely week!


lime link love // no. 1

The Mr suggested a afternoon stroll around the neighbourhood. Lovely way to spend time as the weekend draws to a close. #flowers #vscocam

I thought in switching things up that a little mid-week link love distraction might be fun.

So some things of interest this week and to provide a little procrastination for your hump day.


The photo is from Sunday afternoon when the Mr suggested an afternoon stroll around the block.  One of the neighbour’s roses are blooming, a wall of white colour. An autumn blush. Just stunning. A walk is a positively civilised way to spend some time as the weekend draws to a close. Especially for someone who has spent the past decade working on Sunday afternoons. I thoroughly recommend it, for any afternoon really.

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