lime link love // no. 18


This. Is me.

And that’s my swimming pool hanging over the rail.

I’m joining in with Voices of 2014 Flashback Friday and the theme of “first day”. And from memory this was my first day of preschool. It must have been because there are like half a dozen photos and that was in the days of film! So it must have been something important.

It might have been the first time I wore a skirt, I was a bit of a tomboy, my favourite shirt had cars all over it. There is a photo of me on those very steps in that shirt.

I’ve been slack at my own photo snapping this week [so long, photo a day ... again] and I had these scanned from the big birthday party so thought it might be fun to share something different today.

Funnily enough, I’ve been reminiscing this week over my first date with the Mr. So it’s been the week for reliving firsts.

I also have the first day of high school photo – but this little butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-my-mouth photo was much cuter than the gangly teen of that era.

But it’s Friday! Already! I hope your week has been pleasant and lovely. Mine has been uneventful, which is a great way to be in my line of work!

Although I am hoping for some sunshine in the coming days of rest! How about you?

And now, some reading for your weekend.

What “first” would you share?


lime link love // no. 17


What adventures do you have planned for the weekend? I have none ~ which is actually sort of a good way to be. So the two days stretch in front of me, full of possibilities, and time to catch up on things! But first a little reading and falling down the internet rabbit hole.

And have a great one!


It’s winter … and that’s OK

Grey and miserable today so the mind wanders back through the memories ... #littlemomentsapp



It’s hard to be cheery, motivated or inspired during a run of cold, wintry, grey days. Double that on a Monday morning in winter. Triple it if you are coming back from holidays.

And in this day of the internet, it’s made worse as flowers, sunshine and beaches beckon from the screen as the northern hemisphere enjoys summer holidays.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m actually a big fan over winter than the scorching heat of summer. But the grey days are enough to get anybody down.

So here’s five ways to look on the bright side of winter.

  1. Because bad weather can be the best time for photography
  2. Because less light equals more creativity
  3. Because porridge
  4. Because there are lots of ways to beat the winter blues
  5. Because it’s the perfect time for soup! And tea! And hearty stews!

Winter or summer for you? And what’s your favourite to beat the winter blues?

Image of Mount Buffalo, Victoria, hiding behind the clouds, taken last week during a brief break in the grey.

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